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    Submitted by Phys on Aug 21, 10 at 4:18pm

    Because the kind officers put you in the back of their car instead?

  • 83 70
    Submitted by kenrae22 on Aug 21, 10 at 11:57pm

    815, alright! :)

  • 85 91
    Submitted by blite on Aug 21, 10 at 4:50pm

    No snooki... Thats what ur roommates are for..

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    Submitted by dancinodie on Aug 21, 10 at 8:52pm

    Sounds like Rockfords finest to me!

  • 74 83
    Submitted by dak5432 on Aug 21, 10 at 4:23pm

    You couldve gotten out of it If you gave the cops head (just tryin to keep the rhyme going)

  • 70 82
    Submitted by heart741 on Aug 21, 10 at 10:11pm

    They obviously wanted to see what else you would do :P plus who has a jar of pickles randomly with them

  • 68 84
    Submitted by DCThrope on Aug 21, 10 at 5:27pm

    Pickles? When the pigs are chasing you, throw a jar of chunky apple sauce.

  • 63 77
    Submitted by Anonyrnous on Aug 21, 10 at 9:55pm

    Snooki?\n\nOh wait, I wasn't the first person to think of that.

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    Submitted by TheRuleBook on Aug 21, 10 at 4:35pm

    Nothing crashes cop cars quite like a Vlasic pickle!

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    Submitted by kmarie017 on Aug 22, 10 at 1:21pm

    I'm pretty sure it says they threw the jar out of a window at a police car, not at the window of the police car or out of the window of the police car. It also sounds like they are at a house, not driving or out on the street. Just saying, that's how I took it...

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    Submitted by wooowduuude12 on Aug 22, 10 at 12:45am

    Snooki would be PISSED!

  • 60 89
    Submitted by oreos on Aug 22, 10 at 12:08pm

    WTF is Snooki doing in Illinois!?