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  • Submitted by gutsout on May 10, 10 at 8:19pm

    Fake, Jesus would never do coke. He would smoke weed, or do shrooms, or any other drug that make you wanna spread the looove and have fucked up ideas, like walking on water or putting mud on the face of a blind person. But coke? Impossible.

    • Submitted by sequioa on May 11, 10 at 1:06am

      i respectfully disagree you need to get the stamina to spread the word of god across the middle east from something

  • Submitted by SourFart on May 10, 10 at 5:57pm

    I did meth with Mohammed. Gotta great connect

  • Submitted by mquinny8 on May 11, 10 at 3:41pm

    Hey Alen. Eat a dick

  • Submitted by laidback45 on May 10, 10 at 8:58pm

    naw homie u did acid

  • Submitted by mintyshake on Jul 14, 10 at 7:55pm

    Jesus loves sum good blow

  • Submitted by canonymous on May 10, 10 at 4:22pm


  • Submitted by purpleispretty on May 10, 10 at 4:25pm

    I love your user name dontsayNOTHIGH. It's perfectly sums up my feeling about most of the texts on tfln.

  • Submitted by sweetpea24 on May 10, 10 at 9:38pm

    Just one if those nights. I can respect that. Amen.

  • Submitted by Dolce on May 13, 10 at 4:20am

    I must know this person

  • Submitted by Gordex on May 11, 10 at 4:38pm

    Every time you do coke you do it with jesus. Fact.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 17, 10 at 7:23pm

    Haha hallayluyah!! (sorry can't spell for shit!)

  • Submitted by michaelbolton on May 10, 10 at 5:28pm


  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on May 10, 10 at 9:59pm

    nah its buddha that does coke, just ask south park

  • Submitted by carleton1984 on May 10, 10 at 10:04pm


  • Submitted by amd4911 on May 10, 10 at 6:57pm

    fucking delaware man...

  • Submitted by purpleispretty on May 10, 10 at 4:27pm

    Sorry I meant dontsayTHATHIGH

  • Submitted by clitterhitter420 on Jul 5, 10 at 12:52am

    I smoked pot with Satan which was waaaaay fucking better so suck my nuts

  • Submitted by kkarebearr on May 10, 10 at 4:19pm