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  • Repeat after me... This is why Teachers should not Text students.

    Submitted by JackBerton on Apr 27, 10 at 7:32pm
  • Nope, you're from Alabama.

    Submitted by shredstick263 on Apr 27, 10 at 7:34pm
  • Yeah so uhh I came on your moms face last night. Sorry about that.

    Submitted by BrohammedAli on Apr 27, 10 at 7:16pm
  • Nothing worse than English professorzzz who don't check before they comment, 8.40.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 28, 10 at 8:39am
  • I'm from the 205! Keep it classy, Bama.\nPs, Roll Tide.

    Submitted by stacie927 on Apr 28, 10 at 11:12am
  • Give head to get ahead!

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 27, 10 at 8:28pm
  • Why does everybody think when a girl does something sexual she is a slut??? I know loads of girls that have bf and they are the only person they do stuff with or even ones that only will give head or have sex after dating for a year or more. I mean don't get me wrong I have known sluts but most girls are not one.

    Submitted by GoFast300zx on Apr 27, 10 at 10:41pm
    • Personally I think we should stop being so negative and give it a positive name instead of a derogatory one, from now on all those formerly known as "Sluts" shall be referred to as "FunBunnies" that is all.

      Submitted by JackBerton on Apr 28, 10 at 11:48am
  • Sean23... Idt that was his first bj.. He said "that first bj" not "my first bj" so maybe the first bj he got from her... Dur..

    Submitted by angelbaby7223 on Apr 27, 10 at 8:40pm
  • Hahaha your first bj

    Submitted by sean23 on Apr 27, 10 at 8:36pm
  • Angelbaby, you are a kicking dumb shit

    Submitted by imboyo on Apr 27, 10 at 9:39pm
  • Umm..... I really think this text could be about me.

    Submitted by sammib_1 on Jul 5, 10 at 6:53pm
  • Kayla Skelton. She didn't.

    Submitted by capnmatt on Apr 18, 12 at 12:04pm
  • and now she's on the cover of maxim... great great things

    Submitted by ntoulany on Apr 27, 10 at 9:53pm
  • I live in 205, and I'm pretty sure I know this girl. I had the same thoughts.

    Submitted by in205 on May 12, 10 at 7:18am
  • Then you realized she's just a slut and wouldn't really amount to anything except giving good bj's...

    Submitted by sh1thead on Apr 27, 10 at 9:10pm
  • Fuck you all

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 7:47pm
  • Haha. Sounds like me! :)

    Submitted by urmysatellite93 on Apr 27, 10 at 9:04pm
  • Yea suck more dick and become champ cocksucker!

    Submitted by milk on Apr 27, 10 at 7:54pm
  • OP, I second that...

    Submitted by TimMc333 on Apr 27, 10 at 7:32pm
  • Furst.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 7:04pm
    • Fur Street? They're labeling these things now?

      Submitted by CsM on Apr 27, 10 at 9:52pm
  • So, reciprocate or you're a waste of time

    Submitted by hogfish on Feb 23, 12 at 8:54pm
  • Wth? There are "funbunnies" everywhere. I've lived up north and the slut to good girl ratio is like 40 to 1. We aren't taking your men northerners so shut the hell up judgmental fuck.

    Submitted by southerncutie19 on Sep 12, 10 at 7:24pm