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  • Damn. Use a condom, dumbass

    Submitted by LynnZee on Mar 31, 10 at 4:41pm
  • At least the friend had good intentions but he should stop picking up girls from the set of The Bad Girls Club.

    Submitted by maskedman on Mar 31, 10 at 4:40pm
  • Umm, you know you don't have to sleep with them, right? Just sit on the couch and chat with the slut like a good wingman.

    Submitted by Megrathea42 on Apr 1, 10 at 1:22am
  • What the heck. I don't understand this text

    Submitted by razzapple on Mar 31, 10 at 6:22pm
  • Only two cycles?

    Submitted by psydog on Mar 31, 10 at 4:30pm
  • LMFAO....only in the A...probbably chicks from the 'Boro!! HA

    Submitted by MyDixeWrecked on Mar 31, 10 at 11:45pm
  • What is clap medicine?

    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 31, 10 at 5:11pm
  • Maybe it's just me, but I am so astonished that the first 5 people who posted made it out of the womb and survived to write these posts. How can you not understand this? Moreover, how do you not know what the clap is?!? And rawdogging doesn't increase your chances of getting rid of whatever cock funk you caught, it sadly increases the risk that you will impregnate someone and your gene pool will carry on.....

    Submitted by pierce258 on Apr 4, 10 at 3:17am
  • This afternoon, this text made NO sense whatsoever... But then I got drunk, but then I got drunk, but then I got druuunnnk. Ba na na da da daa

    Submitted by noshitsherlock on Mar 31, 10 at 10:08pm
  • How could you not understand this text?\nIt's quite person was simply telling his friend that he doesn't want him bringing home an extra girl for him because the ones he has previously brought him have had an STD. (the clap)

    Submitted by Unlucky13s on Mar 31, 10 at 7:28pm
  • So agree with lynnzee! HIV has NOT been cured u kno!!!!!

    Submitted by britney09 on Mar 31, 10 at 5:06pm
  • what is r clap medz

    Submitted by themoonstar on Mar 31, 10 at 8:10pm
  • Creepy terrorist about you and not having friends it's not our fault your a loser

    Submitted by ₩¥€ on Mar 31, 10 at 8:03pm
  • haha too late now if he already sent u something. and wtf is up with this terrorist freak in here

    Submitted by vinogirl on Mar 31, 10 at 6:31pm
  • Hey 4:25 where do you live? Cuz I will personally go buy a plane ticket to fly over and beat the shit out of you and collect your teeth -916 motherfucker

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 1, 10 at 1:39am
  • are an IDIOT.

    Submitted by alicastore on Apr 2, 10 at 12:05am
  • Gonorrhea cha cha cha

    Submitted by SizzleLean on Mar 31, 10 at 9:00pm
  • @425 I didn't think camels vaginas had wifi.

    Submitted by team_vagisil on Mar 31, 10 at 11:11pm
  • Don't listen to these hipster losers. Clearly rawdog is the best option, the burning sensation always goes away after a few weeks (Sex with more random bras makes it go away faster, trust me).

    Submitted by BroKing on Apr 1, 10 at 1:25am
    • Sex with random bras? Unless you mean undergarments or are trying to phonetically spell the surfer version of "bro", I'm pretty sure you mean to say "broads".\n\nWhich makes that post all the more ludicrous.

      Submitted by Sharniqua on Apr 4, 10 at 5:27pm