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  • Submitted by dbell930 on Mar 30, 10 at 9:57am

    Like none of us saw this coming...

  • Submitted by NCA on Mar 30, 10 at 10:56am

    Let's put that up on the list of Most Obvious Things Ever.

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Mar 30, 10 at 10:24am

    living la vida Cock-a!

  • Submitted by uafan on Mar 30, 10 at 7:18pm

    Come on...Stevie Wonder could've seen that one coming!!! Geezzzz

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 30, 10 at 10:42pm

    Ricky Martin is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Submitted by gatsbydream on Mar 31, 10 at 5:47am

    You should have put interest on that bet

  • Submitted by NYCGuy on Apr 1, 10 at 2:23am

    In other news...Water is Wet.

  • Submitted by soibahn on Mar 30, 10 at 10:35pm

    It took you this long to figure that out?

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    Submitted by willdafifth on Mar 31, 10 at 12:30am

    Wow... You just made Alabamians look even more stupid...

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      Submitted by NathanNathan on Mar 31, 10 at 1:24am


    • Submitted by mnell on May 9, 10 at 9:54pm

      Wow... you just made yourself look even more stupid...

  • Submitted by Indestructible on Mar 30, 10 at 11:30am

    That's like saying Roseannes overweight.

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    Submitted by smog498 on Mar 31, 10 at 1:12am

    Gee like we didn't all know that already lol

  • Submitted by bubbagreen29 on Mar 30, 10 at 10:05am

    Wooooooow. That bitch better pay u.

  • Submitted by pbrstreetgang on Mar 30, 10 at 10:44am

    Lmfao. Win.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 2, 10 at 12:57am

    Don't hate on this guy, his buddy is the idiot who put money, even in third grade, on Ricky Martin being straight

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 31, 10 at 3:22am

    Did he actually come out?!? FINALLY.

  • Submitted by andr0id on Mar 31, 10 at 6:58pm

    I know him. I REALLY want to know who posted this =)

  • Submitted by Wrestla on Mar 30, 10 at 8:40pm

    guess its time to take the posters down i thought he was such a good singer to haha joking

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    Submitted by gaborj on Apr 10, 10 at 2:10pm

    3rd grade?!??! How old are you, 12? Ricky Martin was mostly relevant in the late 90s so if you were in 3rd grade then, that means I'm old.

  • Submitted by Kinkcr3 on Mar 30, 10 at 11:41am

    Mike evans loves Rachel tu

  • Submitted by MarineAggie on Mar 31, 10 at 1:07pm

    Such a waste. Is gene and talent will never be passed on to his kids or lack of. It stops with him. Homosexuality is a waste.

    • Submitted by Penseur on Mar 31, 10 at 3:49pm

      Actually, Ricky has twin sons who are genetically his thanks to modern science and a surrogate mother.