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  • Submitted by lovebug24 on Mar 10, 10 at 9:28am

    too much effort to get off the roof of your mouth. it's like a jaw workout

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    Submitted by duckdg5 on Mar 10, 10 at 9:32am

    It's not the fact that it's fattening. It's the fact that peanut butter is hard to chew when you're sober, and being high makes stuff harder to chew anyway.

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    Submitted by fgh on Mar 21, 10 at 10:37pm

    Hahah I love peanut butter while highh

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    Submitted by ayyyyyyyy on Mar 10, 10 at 10:08am

    especially when you're also trying to laugh and then you can't breathe. Ahhhhh

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    Submitted by caisey656 on Mar 10, 10 at 4:44pm

    And when ur high u don't have enough god damn saliva to even eat it

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    Submitted by RICHWHAT006 on Mar 10, 10 at 2:00pm

    Haha funny shit

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    Submitted by PercivalJenkins on Mar 10, 10 at 2:13pm

    Man that would suck to eat. Like I would get tired of tryin' to move it around my mouth (no homo).

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    Submitted by lyndsyalyce on Mar 10, 10 at 9:42pm

    lmao...I can so was the only thing in the cabinet, and I was hungry

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    Submitted by gutsout on Mar 10, 10 at 9:41pm

    Totally understand. I almost got freaked out once b/c of peanut butter. I could hardly stop thinking that all those chunks of peanuts could easily make me choke. Ahah fuckin weed.

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    Submitted by iburncouches on Mar 10, 10 at 8:39pm

    Giving someone peanut butter when they're high is equivalent to water boarding. You can chew it forever without being able to swallow it and you do get paranoid and feel like you're gonna suffocate. It's torture, but when you're high you'll eat anything.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 10, 10 at 5:49pm

    Haha I feel your pain.

  • Submitted by dudeson on Mar 10, 10 at 10:17pm

    It's so hard to eat with dry mouth. Mix it with some honey and it helps.

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    Submitted by bluedevylgyrl on Mar 10, 10 at 10:34pm

    Saying this text out loud while high is just as stressful

  • Submitted by 310/951/805 on Mar 10, 10 at 3:14pm

    Peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk is my favorite stoner food...

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    Submitted by tommygunkid on Mar 11, 10 at 6:11am

    I tried that and it was delicious but I thought I was going to die every 30 seconds.

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    Submitted by tacoturtle on Mar 10, 10 at 3:51pm

    I thought I was going to suffocate while eating peanut butter while high once.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 11, 10 at 1:32am

    honey and peanut butter = not so stresfull . but just peanut butter... oh fuuuucckk

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    Submitted by jprincess on Mar 10, 10 at 4:51pm

    Yes, yes it IS stressful!

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 14, 10 at 7:13pm

    I know exactly what you mean

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    Submitted by sylvendu on Mar 15, 10 at 5:23am


  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 10, 10 at 9:06am

    I know! It's so fattening but you can't stop eating it!

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    Submitted by chall4692 on Mar 11, 10 at 12:10am


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    Submitted by Anonymous on May 13, 10 at 12:20am

    Everything is stressful for me whilst I'm high.

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    Submitted by plainwhitedee on Mar 11, 10 at 8:55pm

    Yeah it is! Peanut butter is very chokeable and sometimes I have to ask if I'm still chewing.

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    Submitted by whattheff on Mar 10, 10 at 12:42pm

    seriously! it takes too much concentration!

  • Submitted by kaceann on Mar 10, 10 at 4:43pm

    So stressful. Only time I'll eat it tho.

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    Submitted by bunny420 on May 20, 11 at 6:00pm

    peanut butter abs everything is just great

  • Submitted by shrpshtra5 on Mar 10, 10 at 7:44pm

    my buddy told me try this, hands me a spoon full of peanut butter and says, "it's like eating hell" worst night of my life...i was still tryin to figure out how to get it out of my mouth an hour later!

  • Submitted by apolyon on Mar 10, 10 at 10:19pm

    peanut butter almost killed me once while high it tasted like static\ni couldnt breat

  • Submitted by seckztiger on Mar 11, 10 at 7:54am

    I agree completely.