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  • Outing someone is not cool (unless it's a homophobic politician) but at least it sounds like your dad is accepting.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jan 16, 14 at 5:45pm
  • Sorry that she outed you, but the dad wanting to meet your significant other is a really good sign.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Jan 17, 14 at 2:28pm
  • A little confusion here. Outed you how? That you are homosexual or lesbian???

    Submitted by PizdaLvr on Jan 16, 14 at 8:18am
  • And that's actually meat with an A

    Submitted by Linetrash on Jan 16, 14 at 10:52am
  • He wants a date

    Submitted by skeezer on Jan 19, 14 at 12:30pm
  • Ouch, I feel ya buddy. I've been through this stuff.

    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Jan 17, 14 at 1:00am
  • What are parents for? If not to make your life hell? They're only returning the favor by the way.

    Submitted by SizzlinFingerJak on Jan 18, 14 at 1:40am
  • Aw. So cute!

    Submitted by LightSQR on Jan 16, 14 at 10:06pm
  • Anal with no lube. The only way to deal with this.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 16, 14 at 11:56pm
  • Sounds like you're her bitch.....

    Submitted by fat_boy on Jan 16, 14 at 10:12pm