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  • Submitted by iknotme88 on Dec 3, 13 at 9:24am

    Or use a condom. It's that easy.

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    Submitted by karma13 on Dec 3, 13 at 4:41pm

    Use a condom then. Ick. Also the pill will do nothing for your herpes and whatnot

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Dec 3, 13 at 5:51pm

    Plan B exists because sometimes condoms break or because sometimes you make a mistake in the heat of passion and forget. Even smart people do dumb stuff sometimes. However, it seems like you're doing dumb stuff ALL the time. USE A CONDOM FFS.

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    Submitted by nairbynairb on Dec 3, 13 at 7:49pm

    Condoms are cheaper, you retard

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    Submitted by TheNorwegian on Dec 3, 13 at 12:30pm

    give that guy back his sublime shirt and timberlands. he's pissed. also, try swallowing! easy cleanup!

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      Submitted by texastextwhore on Dec 4, 13 at 12:24am

      The Timberlands belonged to a lesbian. Don't they always?

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    Submitted by Shehluhsexface on Dec 4, 13 at 10:50am

    Or you could stop being a cum dumpster.

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    Submitted by jaystreet_46 on Dec 5, 13 at 4:07am

    Do people from your generation really take plan B so regularly?

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    Submitted by highasballs on Dec 5, 13 at 12:31am

    sounds like you are giving your vagina out in bulk. walk to the free clinic you simple bitch

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      Submitted by g2x on Dec 6, 13 at 5:13am

      sounds like this is a man who buys plan B for female visitors. He is not giving out his vagina, mostly due to lack of one.

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    Submitted by 86swonavy on Dec 3, 13 at 3:26pm

    Why not just sign up for Obamacare? Free birth control

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    Submitted by Kevin201 on Dec 4, 13 at 4:35pm

    or you could stop being a whore

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    Submitted by TooMuch00 on Dec 10, 13 at 4:48am

    There are many other forms of contraceptives out there you fucking moron.

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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Dec 3, 13 at 12:03pm


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    Submitted by devildog100 on Dec 5, 13 at 12:39am

    Doesn't matter, had sex.

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    Submitted by anaraesia on Dec 4, 13 at 6:38am

    Or you could just start wearing condoms. Dumb-ass.