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    Submitted by crockpot on Jul 12, 13 at 3:51pm

    Don't worry, you're a moron, the cat knows what to do

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    Submitted by Binders_of_Women on Jul 12, 13 at 5:56pm

    Actually aimee79, it's "spay your cats, bitches too"

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    Submitted by Phys on Jul 12, 13 at 5:15pm

    I'd normally be pissed you're allowed to have a pet but with TFLN I'm just glad you don't have a kid!

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    Submitted by aimee79 on Jul 12, 13 at 3:47pm

    Spay your cats, bitches

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    Submitted by MarkChang11491 on Jul 13, 13 at 4:09pm

    why is everyone calling him an idiot? nothing wrong with a little bit of smoking, I'd panic if my cat suddenly gave birth and I was sober dicks..

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    Submitted by SamAsh97 on Jul 13, 13 at 9:01am

    This is just proof that you can put 'fucking' almost anywhere in a sentence and it'll still make sense.

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    Submitted by getoutofhere on Jul 12, 13 at 7:17pm

    You eat them

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    Submitted by siathedragon on Jul 14, 13 at 7:29am

    just call a fucking vet

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    Submitted by naye on Jul 14, 13 at 3:50pm

    Come and give me some thing to do with u about the cat

  • Submitted by Dsapeer on Jul 12, 13 at 4:21pm

    You don't have to be sober to use a plastic garbage bag you idiot. Cats... And fat women... Are the scourge of the earth.

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      Submitted by sagus on Jul 13, 13 at 3:53pm

      Die in a fucking fire shithead