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  • Submitted by Hotknight345 on Sep 6, 12 at 3:10pm

    Pretty damn smart if you ask me

  • Submitted by theFungusAmongUs on Sep 6, 12 at 3:00pm

    Brilliant really

  • Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 6, 12 at 6:29pm

    that's why I've never been married... I've been looking for the wrong qualities in a chick all along. thanks brah

  • Submitted by epicRN on Sep 6, 12 at 3:42pm

    Only in good ole Massachusetts are the cops as crooked as the people they arrest.

  • Submitted by pnr on Sep 6, 12 at 4:15pm

    Bars there don't take your credit card when you open up a tab?

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      Submitted by mexicanpharmacy on Sep 9, 12 at 9:02am

      depends what kind of bar. most small ones in Chicago at least don't

  • Submitted by dannie1288 on Sep 7, 12 at 12:12am

    Here here!

  • Submitted by bigcat14 on Sep 6, 12 at 7:31pm

    Your tax dollars at work!

  • Submitted by arychuk on Sep 6, 12 at 5:34pm

    Fucking love it.

  • Submitted by dnicls3 on Sep 6, 12 at 8:37pm

    Touché sir touché

  • Submitted by fsuhockey10 on Sep 7, 12 at 8:42am


  • Submitted by PeeNaught on Sep 6, 12 at 3:04pm

    That's screwed the hell up!

  • Submitted by Billythakid08 on Sep 7, 12 at 3:14am


  • Submitted by gioman420 on Sep 9, 12 at 1:29am

    Yeah 'lol_wat', thats exactly why you havenot married yet. With logic like yours i cant believe it my self. Lol hahaha yea right....BRAH!!

  • Submitted by blahshutup on Sep 6, 12 at 7:11pm


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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Oct 1, 12 at 1:38am

    That is fuckin brilliant! Amazing!! 2 thumbs up for this guy