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  • No. Cheating Whore.

    Submitted by crockpot on Aug 18, 12 at 3:29pm
  • And he gets head from his best girl friend then right? It's only fair.

    Submitted by snybny on Aug 18, 12 at 4:00pm
  • It's ok, when your husband puts a hit out on your slutty and cheating ass, he'll use professionals too.

    Submitted by CrashR6 on Aug 18, 12 at 3:40pm
  • IN. "Once *IN* a while" you stupid whore.

    Submitted by Skittlehunter on Aug 18, 12 at 5:51pm
    • I'm not sure which I detest more...your grammar Nazism, or the insistence to jump on the "stupid whore" train.

      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Aug 20, 12 at 10:39am
      • 1) I don't give a shit about typos, everyone makes mistakes. But when someone uses the completely wrong word in a saying that's in the common lexicon and everything else is spelled and punctuated correctly, that's a different story.\n2) How exactly is the "whore" train a bad thing? This woman is married and her friend is telling her it's totally ok to have another guy go down on her, and her husband should understand. Not exactly a complex issue.

        Submitted by Skittlehunter on Aug 20, 12 at 11:01am
  • *cough* whore *cough*

    Submitted by meattastic on Aug 18, 12 at 3:56pm
  • Umm no...

    Submitted by gioman420 on Aug 18, 12 at 3:42pm
  • This is what she admits to. Sure she is playing lover roulette to see who is the father of her kids. Any husband of a woman like this need to dump her ass and move on.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Aug 18, 12 at 7:42pm
  • Guy friend, not g@y friend. And hell, some stupid skank needs her eyes popped out with a blue bic pen

    Submitted by MrJWalk on Aug 18, 12 at 5:26pm
  • my wife has a friend that eats her pussy once in awhile. but her friend is a chick. so i'm ok with it. cuz hey, 2 chicks!

    Submitted by TheRevBiffDeluxe on Aug 19, 12 at 1:29am
  • Sloooot

    Submitted by GTipilot on Aug 18, 12 at 10:32pm
  • So how does her husband taste dude?!Shitbag ...

    Submitted by Linetrash on Aug 18, 12 at 9:14pm
  • why would the husband care, if he's getting some from his wifes sister. Right right right.

    Submitted by brokenbydisaster on Aug 19, 12 at 6:07am
  • sit on my face!

    Submitted by brokenbydisaster on Aug 18, 12 at 10:20pm
  • Started reading, was in favor of what was going on, read "Your husband should understand", facepalmed in disgust.

    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Sep 28, 12 at 12:34am
  • The husband should understand that your relationship is now open. And if you don't like it, well then too fucking bad.

    Submitted by girlsRbumd on Aug 18, 12 at 8:44pm
    • One cannot just declare a relationship open. An agreement must be made between both partners PRIOR to any external relations. Otherwise it's straight up cheating.

      Submitted by armchairguru on Aug 19, 12 at 1:22am
  • I hate when a bitter people fill the comment board with " slut" and " whore"

    Submitted by MLOVES_T_F_L_N on Aug 19, 12 at 2:04am
  • First of all if he was really g@y the last thing he'd want to do to you is eat you out so he's at least bi. Secondly, only if you're fine with your husband getting head from some "lesbian"

    Submitted by Phys on Aug 18, 12 at 4:42pm
    • Reading comprehension, dude. It says "guy" friend. As in, a male friend.

      Submitted by Skittlehunter on Aug 18, 12 at 5:54pm