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  • No and I didn't appreciate you actually coloring my balls blue after telling me we couldn't have sex

    Submitted by Phys on Jul 22, 12 at 3:52pm
  • Only if you promise not to go outside the lines this time

    Submitted by Joey_V on Jul 22, 12 at 3:47pm
  • Only if I can paint your eyes shut after.

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jul 22, 12 at 5:19pm
  • I really don't think it's going to satisfy your craving for black dick, but it's worth a shot

    Submitted by boogerbutt on Jul 22, 12 at 10:22pm
  • sure, with your tonsils.

    Submitted by snowman87 on Jul 22, 12 at 3:18pm
  • And that's the story of how I got growth rings.

    Submitted by tc_24_7 on Jul 22, 12 at 11:43pm
  • How many shades of lip stick you have with you? Make it look like punky brewsters socks!

    Submitted by blahshutup on Jul 23, 12 at 12:32am
  • Taste the rainbow.

    Submitted by unclestuffy on Jul 22, 12 at 9:11pm
  • No. Herpes is not a color that just washes off.

    Submitted by W_T_F on Jul 22, 12 at 7:24pm
  • I'd rather you not color my dick with your period blood.

    Submitted by JadedLust on Jul 22, 12 at 11:21pm
    • But then it looks like you just killed someone with your penis.. how awesome is that

      Submitted by Wolf32889 on Jul 22, 12 at 11:24pm
      • dude wolf... think about it, you just killed someone WITH YOUR PENIS. SO AWESOME!

        Submitted by Madcritter on Jul 23, 12 at 9:08pm