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  • Submitted by polacke on Jul 21, 12 at 9:49am

    never works that way. it just adds another life you'll make miserable.

  • Submitted by DemonicDuck on Jul 21, 12 at 9:42am

    and you are willing to risk an innocent kid's childhood on something you think... think some more please

  • Submitted by 2dicksam on Jul 21, 12 at 4:54pm

    Didn't work for Casey Anthony.

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      Submitted by MzKitty08 on Jul 21, 12 at 11:53pm

      no, no it did not. an I bet she thought this same way.

  • Submitted by CrooklynCrook on Jul 21, 12 at 10:26am

    Child welfare services might disagree -.-

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      Submitted by MzKitty08 on Jul 28, 12 at 11:27pm

      yea but its ppl who think this way that keep them in business sadly... and I just bet this chick is already super knocked up

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 21, 12 at 11:19am

    Oh please do not do this. That's in the same category with people who have a kid to "fix"their relationship. It's a helluva burden to place on a little kid. What ends up happening is that the parents end up resenting the kid for not fixing them, and the kid ends up knowing it and ends up screwed up for it.

  • Submitted by smumoi on Jul 21, 12 at 12:17pm

    Yeah, but you'd probably f*ck him/her up.

  • Submitted by anaily92 on Jul 23, 12 at 12:37am

    just what we need another 16 & pregnant & teen mom wannabe.... woooooooh.... o.O

  • Submitted by ZefTakesGuts on Jul 21, 12 at 10:34pm

    As Charlie Sheen would say-- "WINNNNNNNNNNINGG"

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 21, 12 at 1:08pm

    Nope. Find whomever is screwing you up, dump their ass and then have a kid.

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      Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 21, 12 at 8:02pm

      Chances are OP is screwing him/herself up and needs to fix him/herself before being involved with anybody else. If there's anybody else in this picture they're just an enabler.

  • Submitted by theshade on Jul 23, 12 at 4:06pm

    It did me. But I'm male and had a good raising. Not gonna make babies and not take care of em the right way. And fuck govt cheese. Get off your ass and work

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    Submitted by Scubalove73 on Jul 22, 12 at 11:53am

    Just what this country needs-another Mom on welfare and yet another child on State Aid. Way to aim for the stars.

  • Submitted by melissadelaney90 on Jul 22, 12 at 7:51pm

    With grammar like that, I doubt that's what the outcome would be.

  • Submitted by karazyboys on Jul 21, 12 at 11:45am

    Enough with the psychology!