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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Mar 31, 12 at 10:07am

    Smoke a J and you'll have 10 ideas instantly

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    Submitted by starlitfires on Mar 31, 12 at 11:11am

    I'm thinking less healthy and more anorexic...

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    Submitted by mthib on Mar 31, 12 at 11:46am

    You're a moron...that's what the size zero girl keeps in her fridge...if you're looking to raid refrigerators than you should be hooking up with the chubby girl...duh

  • 56 63
    Submitted by acerzz on Mar 31, 12 at 12:09pm

    @mthib that's why it says LESS HEALTHY...moron!

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    Submitted by gregn617 on Mar 31, 12 at 10:54am

    sounds like my dream woman!

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    Submitted by jamald on Mar 31, 12 at 10:23pm

    So this is what the poor people have in their fridge

    • 57 57
      Submitted by sleete on Apr 13, 12 at 5:43pm

      oh please, poor people won't even know what and where to get feta and wheat grass. and its usually more expensive than your not-cheese "american cheese"

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    Submitted by beachbumgirl on Apr 2, 12 at 9:15am

    You're just a booty call. She's not gonna feed you. Man up.

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    Submitted by Pokeysaurus on Mar 31, 12 at 4:40pm

    Fuck a fat chick and you'll find some sour cream and leftover KFC. Every deal has its silver lining or dark side.

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    Submitted by hyper31337 on Apr 2, 12 at 8:41am

    Drinking coors will make your pussy hurt. That crap is pure water. No taste at all.

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    Submitted by mobprincess on Mar 31, 12 at 3:10pm

    Bahahaha I'm picturing a very malnourished baby cow!