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  • next time play chess

    Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 27, 12 at 1:24pm
  • Should have made her break out the Lube

    Submitted by 1980DirtNasty on Jan 28, 12 at 1:45am
  • reading this makes me think of adam corolla (voice of death on family guy) giving the bj and that is no bueno

    Submitted by yumyum05 on Jan 27, 12 at 2:53pm
  • I believe this is also called- AIDS. Best of luck chap!!

    Submitted by makk218 on Jan 27, 12 at 8:07pm
  • ew..I dislike burn jobs.

    Submitted by Mikedog48 on Jan 27, 12 at 12:23pm

    Submitted by BE4TmyM34T on Jan 27, 12 at 12:36pm
  • Technically, this is both impractical and improbable. Should death touch you, you would instantly die. Basic laws of metaphysics.

    Submitted by Bloomfield on Jan 27, 12 at 2:36pm
    • unless his cock is the universal life giver and death is the only one that can give a handy without entire civilizations being born on the hand

      Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 27, 12 at 5:00pm
  • that's why you don't ask 90 year olds to give you a hand job. Cold bony hands......*cold chill*

    Submitted by DTOM_308 on Jan 27, 12 at 1:05pm
  • doesn't matter, had sex (close enough).

    Submitted by SammyiAmmy on Jan 27, 12 at 8:55pm
  • Why were you getting hand jobs from Rick Santorum?

    Submitted by DCThrope on Jan 27, 12 at 3:14pm