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  • Yeah i had a major hangover had to ask if they could let the lights dim sum

    Submitted by yhbuddy on Nov 9, 11 at 8:07pm
  • Koreas got Seoul, and a hangover.

    Submitted by Burns on Nov 9, 11 at 4:04pm
  • Aw, look at bttrdenu, an armed forces member with a superiority complex, you never run into that on TFLN. I know servicemen who greatly enjoyed Korea, maybe the problem lies with you?

    Submitted by nonphotoblue on Nov 9, 11 at 9:08pm
  • They may be catching up to the US economically but at least we know how to have fun!

    Submitted by Phys on Nov 9, 11 at 5:38pm
  • @thatswhatshesaid, stfu u stupid pussy ass f.a.g I said Korea sucks because I was stationed their for a while you cunt

    Submitted by bttrdenu on Nov 9, 11 at 8:46pm
    • You are why South Korean residents are so fucking resentful of US servicemembers -- nasty attitudes and a lack of respect.

      Submitted by Sooyoung on Apr 16, 13 at 1:04am
  • Handjobeeeh!

    Submitted by B1gBadB1lly on Nov 10, 11 at 11:06am
  • Had similar experiences on Monday morning train rides in Tokyo.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 9, 11 at 4:18pm
  • @bttrdenu... You spelled "there" wrong. Before you act immature and call people arrogant names, learn how to spell so you don't sound stupid.

    Submitted by 20ash13 on Nov 10, 11 at 9:09pm
  • Korea sucks ass

    Submitted by bttrdenu on Nov 9, 11 at 5:57pm
  • Aww the good old days

    Submitted by thefrenchjess on Nov 9, 11 at 8:07pm
  • I've seen the same thing in Tokyo, but usually on the midnight train Friday or Saturday night. Gotta love the east. They're so much fun when they're drunk.

    Submitted by Dragonfire on Nov 10, 11 at 6:04am