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  • Submitted by likeahoss on Nov 1, 11 at 9:32am

    When you put it that way, I realize how egalitarian Halloween really is.

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Nov 2, 11 at 3:47pm

    Did Anne Boleyn ask you if ... you wanted some head? *puts on sunglasses* YYYYYEEEAAAHHHH

  • Submitted by bttrdenu on Nov 1, 11 at 12:02pm

    Who could give this a bad night?

  • Submitted by kin_in_in on Nov 1, 11 at 12:37pm

    Village people II

  • Submitted by CrazyRunner on Nov 1, 11 at 11:01am

    Quantum universes.

  • Submitted by badmotherfuker86 on Nov 1, 11 at 10:57pm

    You forgot to mention a soviet cosmonaut

  • Submitted by ckb71 on Nov 2, 11 at 12:47am

    none of the comments have gotten thumbs down-ed yet. I like it.

  • Submitted by HeatherGdubV on Nov 24, 12 at 1:09pm

    Its like the Benetton of blunts:)