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  • Submitted by emoryyy on Oct 12, 11 at 9:54am

    that could kill you, btw

  • Submitted by TexasWDollarsign on Oct 12, 11 at 9:44am


  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Oct 12, 11 at 1:03pm

    Alcohol enemas are a really bad idea. They could kill you. Please, don't try this at home no matter what you read on some stupid perv website.

  • Submitted by Andr913 on Oct 12, 11 at 9:15am

    You put alcohol in your MOUTH. Not down there.

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    Submitted by W_T_F on Oct 12, 11 at 10:00am

    That's a good way to celebrate her LAST birthday.

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    Submitted by snakeservant on Oct 13, 11 at 12:02am

    Call the coroner. This idiot is going to be dead soon.

  • Submitted by porksword on Oct 12, 11 at 10:14am

    Funnel the whiskey, then stick the bottle up your ass, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Submitted by Dickhole on Oct 12, 11 at 2:03pm

    Almost instant death!! Don't you watch 10,000 ways to die?

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    Submitted by picklepuss on Oct 12, 11 at 1:26pm

    Hoping they meant "fur cuffs"!

  • Submitted by HabaneroIcecream on Oct 12, 11 at 11:41am

    Try something different with your butts, a funnel, and a bottle of whiskey... What were you doing before with those things McGuyver?

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    Submitted by peachpie88 on Oct 12, 11 at 3:46pm

    Don't do it! You'll die!

  • Submitted by deckswife on Oct 12, 11 at 9:55am

    oh, so she wants to die.

  • Submitted by bigoledonkeybutt on Oct 12, 11 at 4:44pm

    Proof that grandma is looking for more exciting birthday games. Pin the tail on the donkey just ain't gonna cut it this time.

  • Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Oct 12, 11 at 10:07am

    Alcohol poisoning in no time flat.

  • Submitted by sevensevenseven on Oct 12, 11 at 11:38am

    Uh-oh You fucked up, didn't you? She knows...

  • Submitted by anonymouseketeer on Oct 12, 11 at 6:28pm

    Severe alcohol poisoning to the point of death is a great way to end a birthday.

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    Submitted by wessum on Oct 12, 11 at 9:36am

    Yeah buddy!

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    Submitted by tehlawls on Feb 9, 12 at 9:29pm

    End up with a blood alcohol level of .5 \n\nDEAD

  • Submitted by dreamcatcher on Oct 14, 11 at 7:49am