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  • Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Sep 5, 11 at 10:42am

    Not to worry, Todd is part of Darwin's natural selection.

  • Submitted by porksword on Sep 5, 11 at 8:05pm

    I'll bet he's too pussy to do it again.

  • Submitted by sssmarie on Sep 5, 11 at 10:36am

    Yeah, from that response, that mishap was Todd's fault all the way... like he's the stupid one in the group of friends that everyone fucks with, ya know?

  • Submitted by Boom17 on Sep 5, 11 at 10:19am

    Oh Todd....

  • Submitted by lasershow34 on Sep 5, 11 at 10:45pm

    @soon_forgotten: it's probably a college, people come from different places to go to college

  • Submitted by sugar_30 on Sep 5, 11 at 11:45pm

    Lol..if he didn't stop after the first clorox wipe..then I do believe Todd is the jackass..oh Todd you silly bastard..

  • Submitted by ohiocutie89 on Sep 5, 11 at 11:24am

    Lmao nice job dude way to go... Lol

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    Submitted by girlsurfer on Sep 5, 11 at 11:05am

    My guess is, Todd's friends keep him around for the entertainment value. He's their Jimmy Smash. Yes, I went Soprano's on your A$$.

  • Submitted by Blackhawk201 on Sep 6, 11 at 1:31am

    I'm guessing Todd's like the Kelso of the group...right?

  • Submitted by Michguy on Sep 5, 11 at 10:03am

    Sorry, but Todd is obviously retarded. TFB

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    Submitted by tg03 on Sep 8, 11 at 3:59pm

    Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!

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    Submitted by chipmunk94 on Sep 5, 11 at 3:38pm

    @spincycle: nice one

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    Submitted by That_Guy11 on Sep 5, 11 at 2:50pm

    U gotta love dumbass friends lol

  • Submitted by soon_forgotten on Sep 5, 11 at 11:12am

    anybody else notice the reply comes from the other end of the country?

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      Submitted by deckswife on Sep 5, 11 at 11:30am

      people do move, ya know.

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      Submitted by PERMethius on Sep 17, 11 at 4:47pm

      anyone notice kansas is no where near the other side of the country from maine?

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    Submitted by Nicole170 on Sep 5, 11 at 2:55pm

    Wow Todd has good friends

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    Submitted by jazzyfaithe on Sep 7, 11 at 7:58pm

    I laughed until my stomach started hurting. good job guys.

  • Submitted by truckagirl26 on Sep 10, 11 at 10:23am


  • Submitted by sypulc on Sep 6, 11 at 12:59pm

    Ok, the person replying must still be drunk, that or retarded. And Todd must have either been beyond drunk or really is handicapped. Either way... wow. Just wow >.<