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  • best response from a mom ever!

    Submitted by slammin211s on Aug 18, 11 at 1:27pm
  • 20 bucks says mom was just as drunk the night he or she was conceived.

    Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on Aug 18, 11 at 3:42pm
  • the worst part of this text is the phrase "birfed me"

    Submitted by steezzzzy on Aug 18, 11 at 1:52pm
  • this is the first text that proves connecticut isn't filled with boring. thank you.

    Submitted by cuddle_clown on Aug 18, 11 at 4:24pm
  • Go Mom

    Submitted by GarageSale on Aug 19, 11 at 2:42am
  • Now they have to get drunker to get rid of the mental image of what their mother used to be like

    Submitted by Phys on Aug 18, 11 at 1:28pm
  • 8:45 really??? ur spell checking tfln??? get a life!!

    Submitted by roadhead101 on Mar 16, 12 at 11:15pm
  • hahaha. man i love livin in ct

    Submitted by cheezwhiz13 on Nov 28, 11 at 5:57pm
  • Where's the 1- on the front of the second message? Were these sent... from the SAME PHONE?!

    Submitted by BrendanA on Aug 18, 11 at 3:57pm
    • if you submit via the website rather than from your phone it doesnt ask for the 1 on the second message

      Submitted by slammin211s on Aug 18, 11 at 4:04pm
    • 860 area code does not require the "1" before it if you are calling the same area code number. New CT rules as of October or November 2010, if I'm not mistaken

      Submitted by RoseNylund on Sep 18, 11 at 2:35pm
  • What side are we talking about? The retarded side that can't spell?

    Submitted by squibkick on Aug 20, 11 at 8:45am
  • Sooooo nice of you to thank your mom. She raised a good person.

    Submitted by RoseNylund on Sep 18, 11 at 2:36pm
  • Fake!!!

    Submitted by rsoxforever on May 29, 13 at 11:37pm