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  • Submitted by midnightCereal on Apr 25, 11 at 12:29pm

    He is risen. He is risen indeed.

  • Submitted by enormoustard on Apr 25, 11 at 2:07pm

    Lord, who throughout these 40 days for us didst not giveth head. But instead didst fast and pray... and give handies. Amen.

  • Submitted by sohochef on Apr 25, 11 at 11:44am

    What's ur phone number??

  • Submitted by spartylmgirl on Apr 25, 11 at 11:41am

    Wow. Why is she going to hell? Giving bj's isn't a sin. And she did give it up for lent lol

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      Submitted by NPH9384 on Apr 25, 11 at 11:58am

      Within the Christian community you'll find mixed opinions about that. I personally think blowjobs and pre-marital sex are awesome, however some Christians believe oral sex is a sin likened to anal sex because it isn't a means of reproduction. Others argue that the exclusivity of marriage and the commitment make oral sex not a sin, but a privilege.

  • Submitted by HookerHaymaker on Apr 25, 11 at 12:23pm

    Now THAT is an act of selflessness.

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    Submitted by thebatman on Apr 26, 11 at 1:37am

    add anal to the list of marriage privileges!

  • Submitted by anon811 on Apr 25, 11 at 7:24pm

    Wow... I bet Taipan is GREAT in bed!!!

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    Submitted by torrentprime on Apr 26, 11 at 4:30am

    Hope it's a dude.

  • Submitted by Valpo on Apr 25, 11 at 1:09pm

    I really hope your a women ha

  • Submitted by TBONEa on Apr 25, 11 at 1:53pm

    thats someone who either used religion as a ploy or has way too many STDs

  • Submitted by doubleteamit16 on Apr 25, 11 at 3:15pm

    you gave that up for lent too??

  • Submitted by haliganbar on Apr 25, 11 at 11:39am

    The blisters from all of the handys you've been giving are pretty unattractive too.

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    Submitted by khard69 on Apr 26, 11 at 11:07am


  • Submitted by LAXbro1995 on Apr 26, 11 at 12:09am

    Can I be first

  • Submitted by amcphun on Apr 26, 11 at 2:39am

    Ily <3

  • Submitted by miss_lauren on Apr 29, 11 at 9:29am

    no meat on fridays! hahaha! and i love giving bj's. i have to love the guy to do it, and i get turned on by it, knowing that I'm pleasing my man. its more intimate than sex. its like anal sex, girls, if you don't like it, its not being done right!

  • Submitted by freefallin4eva on Apr 25, 11 at 1:19pm

    bahaha ur a funny lil whore lol

  • Submitted by Taipan on Apr 25, 11 at 3:01pm

    Really the only thing women get out of blowjobs, especially if they're blowing some random guy, is a few minutes of male approval. And that is just pathetic. Go see a shrink for your daddy issues OP.

    • Submitted by effingnessa on Apr 25, 11 at 8:51pm

      Is it bad that i give my shink head? Damn my daddy issues!

    • Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 25, 11 at 9:14pm

      And you my honey are way too self centered and cannot honor a man. Enjoy all those cats!

      • Submitted by Taipan on Apr 26, 11 at 11:40am

        It's self-centered to not give random guys head? I think that more makes the guys self-centered, because most of the time the woman gets nothing out of it. If they're in a relationship it's different, it's a gift she's giving out of love and ideally the favor will be reciprocated. No selfishness there.

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          Submitted by mickdumphattt on Apr 27, 11 at 6:04am

          Taipan, sucking cock is way more hot than you seem to realize although if I'm wrong sorry but it just doesn't sound like you truly know how much FUN giving head can be and how much it can actually turn a girl on, even if it's just casual sex.

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    Submitted by janesaddiction on Apr 27, 11 at 10:10am

    I enjoy giving head. I'm just glad I'm not a Christian. I can have any kind of sex I want to and not feel guilty about it.

  • Submitted by khard69 on Apr 26, 11 at 11:08am

    Clearly people hatin aren't getting their fair share of blowjobs, sorry your girlfriend won't pleasure you don't hate cause your jealous<3

  • Submitted by Spartan_Prick on Apr 25, 11 at 11:39am

    Oh Christianity :)

  • Submitted by bensanders on Apr 25, 11 at 11:34am

    I think you should've gave up on lent a long time ago. You're going to hell anyways.

  • Submitted by Sydefx on Apr 25, 11 at 12:32pm

    Wow. Way to be original. Someone said this last year. It was dumb then and is dumb now. I hope someone shoves his cock in your mouth, holds the back of your head and your nose and kills you.

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      Submitted by loktm3 on Apr 25, 11 at 9:25pm

      wow, way to be a douche. im the one that submitted it :) and quite frankly that would be a GREAT way for me to die, doing what i love most. so thanks to you and the rest of the asses who think along your lines :)

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        Submitted by distinkt on Apr 26, 11 at 10:55pm

        dude, a blowjob is not worth celebrating. its tedious work that invloves sucking someones sweaty balls. not that fun.

        • Submitted by loktm3 on Apr 27, 11 at 1:23am

          bless your opinion;