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  • False advertising? Maybe, but remember that for the girl, it's almost ALWAYS a surprise for what she gets. Short fat dick, long and skinny, generally large, small, minuscule, crooked.... So have a sense of adventure and stop complaining. Besides, you can always leave/kick her out if you realize she's a total dog... It's what I do when I realize the six foot tall built guy has a penis the size of my pinky finger

    Submitted by uchicago on Apr 23, 11 at 7:59pm
  • art school....hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Submitted by grenadewizard on Apr 23, 11 at 5:20pm
  • Hey haters, shut the f#ck up. These are supposed to be funny, come back when you get a sense of humor.

    Submitted by wildnwired on Apr 23, 11 at 10:13am
  • Thats false advertising! All those poor bastards.

    Submitted by gr33nman on Apr 23, 11 at 9:15am
  • The perfect boob is a full, perky, natural C

    Submitted by niceman on Apr 23, 11 at 8:50pm
  • Uchicago, I've never thought about it like that before! Very good point!

    Submitted by SALIA on Apr 24, 11 at 8:20am
  • A clever strategy. But it's going to look splotchy and awkward when I blow my load all over your tits.

    Submitted by badassmanlyman on Apr 24, 11 at 12:29pm
  • I'm so glad I have huge boobs.

    Submitted by ckb71 on Apr 23, 11 at 4:16pm
  • And the guy wakes up with a blackened face and wonders why..

    Submitted by kaulitzb on Apr 24, 11 at 11:12am
  • False advertising. If he/she wants you for your boobs, you're screwed. And if they didn't, you are still screwed for trying to be something you are not.

    Submitted by Michguy on Apr 23, 11 at 9:20am
  • Don't forget to unshaken your hoochycoo, you don't want that looking big.

    Submitted by soutex on Apr 23, 11 at 11:34am
  • DragQueen do this.

    Submitted by Maulsky on Apr 23, 11 at 9:18am
  • How hairy are your boobs?

    Submitted by SDBear2010 on Apr 23, 11 at 12:05pm
  • Photo verification required!

    Submitted by 2144571774 on Apr 25, 11 at 9:10am
  • That means she's so flat that a push up bra can't even make it look like she has cleavage.

    Submitted by haliganbar on Apr 24, 11 at 12:06pm