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  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Apr 5, 11 at 9:51am

    I'm pro choice but let's be a little more proactive and save a lot of trouble.

  • Submitted by firefly28 on Apr 5, 11 at 10:10am

    Or just wear a condom. Problem solved.

  • Submitted by babot6 on Apr 5, 11 at 10:49am

    Anal is another option. I call em recreational vaginas

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      Submitted by polacke on Apr 5, 11 at 11:54am

      recreational vags??? you sir, are a god! if not, at the very least god speaks through you. i lift my hat.

  • Submitted by gr33nman on Apr 5, 11 at 9:22am

    isnt that something you WANT to hear during sex?

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    Submitted by Taz69 on Apr 5, 11 at 12:49pm

    @tniggs that's what the thumbs up is for

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    Submitted by tniggs on Apr 5, 11 at 9:38am

    Agree with gr33nman

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    Submitted by sunshine1114 on Apr 6, 11 at 1:02am

    I'm with FartsAtWork. Why not save lots of money and pick up a box of condoms?

  • Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Apr 5, 11 at 10:38am

    better than the alternative. nothing causes shrinkage like the thought of babies mid-thrust. unless you happen to be fucking a baby, i guess

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    Submitted by dyzzie on Apr 5, 11 at 8:37pm

    unless OP meant pro-life (anti-choice), this isn't amusing.

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      Submitted by wuddahull on Apr 5, 11 at 9:46pm

      nothing about being (anti-life) is amusing either.

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    Submitted by woopigsooie on Apr 5, 11 at 9:44am

    unlike your mother who let the best part of you run down the crack of her ass

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    Submitted by KTHNXBUHBYE on Apr 8, 11 at 4:35pm

    If I said that my boyfriend would just be like Stfu baby.

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    Submitted by colan08 on Apr 5, 11 at 3:52pm

    @ taz69, for sure on the iPhone, there aren't options to comment or give a thumb directly to responses. It's a different set up than the real page...but idk about all other phones.

  • Submitted by colan08 on Apr 5, 11 at 10:26am

    If they are in a serious relationship, he should have said, "if only your mother had been..."