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  • Legonut how would u know about breakups... You've got to have a girl first and I seriously doubt there are any 12 year olds willing to sink that low!

    Submitted by just_s4yin on Feb 16, 11 at 11:01am
  • Jits we all know lego is a troll but like stray cats you shouldnt feed trolls they will just come back and shit on your things

    Submitted by zosergirl on Feb 16, 11 at 5:29pm
  • Two things. First, the chick is a bitch. Second, legonut, do us all a favor and go get hit by a bus.

    Submitted by JitsJitsJits89 on Feb 16, 11 at 10:24am
    • It looks like Jits takes this a little too seriously...

      Submitted by skeezer on Feb 16, 11 at 10:31am
      • Oh no, don't get me wrong, I find it funny from the outside looking in, but it's still a bitchy thing to do. As to the legonut part, well yeah that one I mean.

        Submitted by JitsJitsJits89 on Feb 16, 11 at 10:41am
  • Sorry to kill the hate-buzz, but have you noticed the name of the site? texts from LAST NIGHT. 99.9% of these are drunken/stoned texts. so read em, laugh, and don't take em too seriously.

    Submitted by Reneebaby13 on Feb 16, 11 at 8:00pm
  • Someone from my hometown. Yay. This just goes to show how fucked the central valley is lol

    Submitted by SOHSlug23 on Feb 17, 11 at 4:44pm
  • If you can't do it in person, you are lame. A letter is about as inpersonal as it gets.

    Submitted by Michguy on Feb 16, 11 at 5:30pm
  • Anyone who said this is a good night is dumb. Break ups should be in person!!!!

    Submitted by GoodLuckImWhite on Feb 16, 11 at 9:45pm
  • the trolls on tfln would be better if they a) died or b) were actually somewhat funny

    Submitted by dudeimshawn on Feb 16, 11 at 12:05pm
  • Anyone who says they're "stressful" hasn't been broken up with. So shush

    Submitted by Irisheveryday on Feb 16, 11 at 11:17am
  • Anyone who says this is a good night is dumb. Breakups are stressful!!!

    Submitted by legonut4 on Feb 16, 11 at 9:45am
  • Hilarious

    Submitted by mochaninja on Feb 16, 11 at 9:18pm
  • Fuck yeah!

    Submitted by michellesaninja on Oct 31, 11 at 4:06pm