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    Submitted by zachneedg2 on Jan 21, 11 at 2:07pm

    Dammit said8ED you beat me to first!!!

  • 74 68
    Submitted by Brian856 on Jan 22, 11 at 3:13am

    It's got a handle, just carry that shit

  • 74 79
    Submitted by Tleprechaun on Jan 22, 11 at 7:53pm

    Wouldn't labeling it with like tape or a sharpie be the traditional way to name your property?

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    Submitted by mr_sphincter on Jan 21, 11 at 8:30pm

    Now i remember why i never go out without my portable dna test kit.

  • Submitted by blite on Jan 21, 11 at 2:13pm

    Just pee on it like u usually do

  • 80 95
    Submitted by said8ED on Jan 21, 11 at 1:50pm

    Gotta love Baseball players

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    Submitted by BoobsnBeans on Jan 22, 11 at 4:00am

    Lick it... Liiiick it... Slower... Now move a lil to th..... Wait wtf else have u been licking

  • Submitted by niceman on Jan 23, 11 at 11:17pm

    White males are so dumb. Go Obama!!!!!!!