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  • Sometimes it's the journey that makes the destination worth the wait. Just sayin'.

    Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Dec 18, 10 at 10:05am
    • Sometimes, though, you spend 18 hours on a plane to find out you've got a crap hotel room

      Submitted by said8ED on Dec 18, 10 at 4:52pm
      • Or you drive 6 1/2 hours to Maryland and realize you've made a terrible terrible mistake when she opens the door and you see that she's "creative" about picture angles.

        Submitted by ttesroD on Dec 18, 10 at 10:39pm
  • Wow, a girl that actually makes her man wait for it. Whore stories on here are great but this is def refreshing.

    Submitted by nellsbells101 on Dec 18, 10 at 1:40pm
    • Right, any woman who actually likes casual sex and doesn't have a hang-up about it is a "whore." Fuck you and your misogyny.

      Submitted by The_Mace on Dec 18, 10 at 11:51pm
  • Maybe, just maybe she is neither fat and ugly nor a "silly inexperienced virgin." Perhaps she is one of the rare members of the female species that does not rip off her thong any time a man smiles at her. Jus sayin'

    Submitted by uchicago on Dec 18, 10 at 11:20pm
    • First of all, women aren't a "species." Second, could you slut-shamers please be consistent? I thought you *wanted* to have sex. So what's wrong, then, with a woman who wants to have it without preamble?

      Submitted by The_Mace on Dec 18, 10 at 11:52pm
      • it's like how anything comes up about a girl digging anal/facials/kinky stuff dudes are like MARRIAGE MATERIAL, but the fact is they want girls who will be kinky for them and only them...not a girl who's tried and enjoyed any of those things with 10 other guys

        Submitted by colabea on Dec 20, 10 at 7:42pm
        • Well, that's kind of... I mean, why would girls reserve themselves for you, while you can go around fucking as many women you want? That's totally unfair. And, IMO, not the right way to look at it.

          Submitted by chicah on Dec 20, 10 at 9:00pm
  • The journey of a thousand boners...

    Submitted by Burns on Oct 26, 11 at 12:56pm
  • So she's fat?

    Submitted by anonymousone on Dec 18, 10 at 10:30am
  • Silly inexperienced virgin girl. Shell be a freak once she's popped.

    Submitted by Michguy on Dec 18, 10 at 7:05pm
  • The_mace: shut the fuck up please. I prefer not to fuck everything that moves. Women that act like players are exactly that, easy pu$$y and such shall be viewed as that most of the time. Want a bf? Have self respect.

    Submitted by ironman7338 on Dec 19, 10 at 12:15pm
    • just because a woman has a lot of sex does not mean she doesn't respect herself or that she's not choosy about partners. throwin that out there

      Submitted by colabea on Dec 20, 10 at 7:43pm