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  • I'd rather just eat a lead pencil and then shotgun bullets.

    Submitted by schlock on Sep 24, 10 at 10:41am

    Submitted by pnktiger on Sep 24, 10 at 11:47am
  • @Schlock hilariously funny. Wish more people would think that way. Less idiots in the world.

    Submitted by TiCkLe_Me_EmO on Sep 24, 10 at 12:21pm
  • I don't care what they eat beforehand, still tastes like crap.

    Submitted by christiana583 on Sep 26, 10 at 3:53am
  • I told u once u get passed the smell u got it licked

    Submitted by mskimsuckingdks on Sep 28, 10 at 12:59am
  • Oh that's such crap. Just do it right so it goes straight down your throat and you don't taste a thing if you can't take it

    Submitted by archer79 on Sep 24, 10 at 5:09pm
  • "shotgunning a smoothie"?! Who are talking about here? Peter North?

    Submitted by osirisfrost on Sep 25, 10 at 3:29am
  • Schlock, your comment could be its own tfln. Reread the post. Haha

    Submitted by craig6578 on Sep 24, 10 at 11:24am
    • I was just saying I wish I could jizz bullets. Yes, I used "shotgun" in a different context but I don't think that is unreasonable.

      Submitted by schlock on Sep 24, 10 at 1:44pm
  • Hmm....

    Submitted by ruawwww on Sep 25, 10 at 3:06am
  • Amazing!

    Submitted by hailscun on Sep 25, 10 at 1:20am