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  • Submitted by twitchcraft on Sep 23, 10 at 11:43am

    It's nice to see somebody from my area code who has his priorities in the right order

  • Submitted by melindakeeler on Sep 23, 10 at 11:06am

    Haha story of my life

  • Submitted by quaider on Sep 23, 10 at 11:25am

    I love Maryland..haha

  • Submitted by mdguy301 on Sep 23, 10 at 2:12pm

    69 people don't have their priorities together

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Sep 23, 10 at 1:18pm

    you go boy! Piss that tuition away like a champ!

  • Submitted by adele8892 on Sep 24, 10 at 11:19pm

    This isn't even funny. I submit so many funny ones and this shit makes it

  • Submitted by FUCKsovietRUSHA on Sep 23, 10 at 9:44pm

    @brookie,how bout you stop being a fucken grammer dick head. No one gives a fuck howit smells little fucken nerdy ass pussy

  • Submitted by namedsurfs on Sep 23, 10 at 10:52pm

    Fuck yeah man.

  • Submitted by jessicac9165 on Sep 25, 10 at 12:19am

    thats the spirit! i'll see you in 3 months at mcdonalds taking everyones order!

  • Submitted by brookiie4 on Sep 23, 10 at 4:27pm

    maybe you should learn how to spell tomorrow and the correct form of "you're" dumbasses

  • Submitted by emansm on Sep 23, 10 at 6:26pm

    let's go terps

  • Submitted by ktdan4 on Sep 23, 10 at 11:10am

    Def a frostburg student

  • Submitted by cdese on Sep 23, 10 at 11:02pm

    That a boy!