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  • "Hey man, your tub won't flush..."

    Submitted by jbwarner86 on Sep 6, 10 at 7:30pm
  • StonedKoala 15 points for the correct user ID.

    Submitted by amonymous on Sep 6, 10 at 3:02pm
  • smack him with rolled up newspaper and put his face in it

    Submitted by ilovewhores on Sep 6, 10 at 1:41pm
  • It's only acceptable if you were also puking in the toilet at the same time. Although next time I would suggest shitting in the toilet while puking in the tub. I speak from past experience.

    Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on Sep 6, 10 at 7:24pm
  • And you should get your ass kicked-- Since nothings off limits

    Submitted by ck24 on Sep 6, 10 at 1:29pm
  • Haha! Nothings off limits. Especially ur wife...

    Submitted by shvirginia on Sep 6, 10 at 6:45pm
  • If that was my place, he be shitting in a bedpan for a few months.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 6, 10 at 4:35pm
  • I ruffied your mother and raped her with a broomstick. Nothing off limits.

    Submitted by pacosanchez on Sep 6, 10 at 4:32pm
  • Douche

    Submitted by dallas78 on Sep 6, 10 at 1:33pm
  • you disrespectful son of a bitch. you would be shitting leather from my shoe for weeks.

    Submitted by TheNewGuy03 on Sep 7, 10 at 6:50am
  • i would make him eat those words, "nothings off limits".

    Submitted by StonedKoala on Sep 6, 10 at 2:18pm
  • Why does this have so many thumbs down? This is classic. I wish we could find out what the payback was...

    Submitted by TheHerbalist on Sep 7, 10 at 1:48am
  • Did you at least wash your hands??

    Submitted by mjo on Sep 6, 10 at 4:01pm
  • Someone took a shit it the bathtub, not again!!!

    Submitted by warcraftangel on Sep 7, 10 at 11:11am
  • That's just... wrong

    Submitted by Watermelons on Sep 6, 10 at 7:34pm