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  • Submitted by 121 on Aug 17, 10 at 10:28am

    if you dont ride her too hard you can still get a good trade in value

  • Submitted by rexygirl10 on Aug 17, 10 at 8:49am

    Sounds like its time to trade in and upgrade.

  • Submitted by ProductPlacemnt on Aug 17, 10 at 8:32am

    Grow a mustache, lose or gain a little weight, recolor your hair, and go for it without her realizing.

  • Submitted by UFBOUND2010 on Aug 17, 10 at 8:32am

    Well as long as you get the little sister your still a winner.

  • Submitted by j00kn0w on Aug 17, 10 at 8:49am

    The game of dibs always applies! Well done my friend

  • Submitted by jmm112 on Aug 17, 10 at 12:43pm

    First TFLN I've laughed at in a LONG time.

  • Submitted by kcs99 on Aug 17, 10 at 9:08am

    Best TFLN ever..hilarious and so true !

  • Submitted by TheBearJew on Aug 18, 10 at 12:36am

    Ugh dude tell me about it. That was like when my ex told me her sister was a DD

  • Submitted by augfire on Aug 17, 10 at 1:26pm

    Love the example

  • Submitted by TheRuleBook on Aug 17, 10 at 10:47am

    Ultimate Revenge: Date and do the younger sister only to break up with her because you were doing their mom. TOTAL COVERAGE of all vag's in the house.

  • Submitted by uknow on Aug 17, 10 at 8:54am

    Or u could just go for her sister and if she says anything just give her the finger

    • Submitted by Kawng on Aug 17, 10 at 11:43pm

      Are you giving the little sister the finger or the ex girlfriend? Because I think giving the little sister the finger(or 2) would be funnier.

  • Submitted by KristieDscheide on Aug 17, 10 at 1:53pm

    if the sisters not a complete bitches she will seduce u only a) cut off your penis for what u have done to her sister or b) because her sister asked her to and taped it because I'm sure she noticed u looking and now she has proof to revoke your license. no driving of those particular models ever again

  • Submitted by DearNuts on Aug 17, 10 at 8:41am

    Lol added to favorites

  • Submitted by lalind1 on Aug 19, 10 at 3:00am

    Wow. Thank god I've always been the 2011. Boys are mean.

  • Submitted by o_0 on Aug 17, 10 at 1:53pm

    Wow Twin Cities. Wow.

  • Submitted by thatONEtime on Aug 17, 10 at 8:28am

    Hindsights a bitch

  • Submitted by niceman on Aug 17, 10 at 10:12am

    That is the fucking truth. You had better fuck her sister, or your man card will be revoked, my friend