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  • i thought the difference between "girlfriend" and "fuck buddy" is emotional connections?? fuck buddy's turning into a clinger. time for a new fuck buddy.

    Submitted by jasboo on Aug 1, 10 at 1:11pm
  • She's kidding. She has to be. Please tell me she's kidding.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Aug 1, 10 at 1:12pm
  • That's not called a fuck buddy, that's called a relationship. You got yourself a girlfriend. Good job!

    Submitted by SippinSally on Aug 1, 10 at 4:00pm
  • she needs to be fired, what you call fuckbuddy she calls boyfriend

    Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 1, 10 at 1:20pm
  • Some girls just can't do fuck buddies. Lots of girls confuse sex and love. Let her go cuz you don't want her to turn into a stage 5 clinger!

    Submitted by dragonfly15 on Aug 1, 10 at 3:06pm
  • Wow you have reach an all time low by having a fucking anniversary with your fuck buddy... Hope you gave her one last taste before kicking her out and calling upon fuck buddy #2.\nIt's only for a pleasure fix and nothing else!!!

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Aug 1, 10 at 10:35pm
  • thats why your better of just sticking to good old fashion sluts

    Submitted by stolenduck43 on Aug 1, 10 at 1:05pm
  • OMG. Who the hell keeps track of that? Psycho!

    Submitted by archer79 on Aug 1, 10 at 9:15pm
  • Fuckkkkkk

    Submitted by emo304 on Aug 1, 10 at 1:25pm
  • Oh snap

    Submitted by OhSnapJD on Aug 1, 10 at 1:06pm
  • Hey, you can have makeup sex now. The best kind of sex.

    Submitted by mrbroncos on Aug 1, 10 at 1:10pm
  • Sex doesn't always equal love. Men in general can separate personal attachmet from sex, so it doesn't really matter to them. For girls mostly they only have sex with those that they are committed to and would therefore have an emotional feeling towards sex.

    Submitted by Mosquito121 on Aug 2, 10 at 10:44pm
  • Do they make a Hallmark card for such an occasion?

    Submitted by bldrmn on Aug 2, 10 at 9:28am
  • I've got all of the fuck dates stored in my phone. But then again, I'm a psychotic bitch.

    Submitted by Keefcurl on Aug 4, 10 at 9:03am
  • GIRLS are too demanding

    Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Aug 1, 10 at 6:47pm