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  • Submitted by stevebauer on Jun 24, 10 at 12:00pm


  • Submitted by OneHottMess on Jun 24, 10 at 11:06am

    Fuck yeah!

  • Submitted by Psycho_Mouth on Feb 8, 11 at 10:53pm

    Thing is your really high so you wouldn't understand the answer anyway.

  • Submitted by l4uraa3 on Jun 24, 10 at 11:07am

    this is awesome!

  • Submitted by FakeM5 on Jul 8, 10 at 6:53pm


  • Submitted by alyssalatina on Jun 24, 10 at 3:09pm

    Finally a legitimate "high" TFLN! :D

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 26, 10 at 2:28am

    Lol last time i was high i wanted to know why water was blue instead of green hahaha

  • Submitted by t7d5 on Sep 18, 10 at 1:44am

    Haha lol

  • Submitted by psychevolution on Jun 24, 10 at 3:51pm

    electricity man, it's all about electricity

  • Submitted by paradox24 on Jun 28, 10 at 4:13pm

    Who put this on here? I must monitor who I send texts to from now on. At least now I'm a superstar (cough.. idiot).

  • Submitted by thinkgreen420 on Jun 25, 10 at 9:42am

    I was high during that same storm! Lafayette!

  • Submitted by nikoliss on Jun 24, 10 at 11:17pm

    Can I learn about thunder? Then we can be a super hero team called the storm brothers or some awesome shit like that!!

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Jun 24, 10 at 11:09am

    Lightning is awesome.

  • Submitted by dak5432 on Jun 25, 10 at 9:13am

    Go stand in a Thunderstorm, waving a 20 foot steel pole in the air... All of your questions will be answered.

    • Submitted by trevortheriot on Jun 27, 10 at 4:12am

      This is so a text to me, and I didn't submit it.

  • Submitted by croft3r on Jun 24, 10 at 11:06am

    Go to a museum

  • Submitted by R3X on Jun 26, 10 at 3:41am

    I didn't know Thomas Jefferson was still alive F.U.C.K.I.N.G AWSOME

  • Submitted by uradelight on Oct 4, 10 at 1:48am

    To R3X: It's Thomas Edison, not Jefferson, dumbass!