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  • Submitted by Michguy on Jun 24, 10 at 9:50am

    Keep doing coke, you'll rot open a few more

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      Submitted by kkkatiemac on Jun 24, 10 at 9:57pm

      why do people associate snorting things with coke? there are tons of different things to be inhaled!

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    Submitted by arthurlux on Jun 24, 10 at 9:42am

    I know! I have that same problem ALL THE TIME.

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    Submitted by APromiseToBurn on Jun 24, 10 at 4:49pm

    ??? WTF???

  • Submitted by Sharvey89PA on Jun 24, 10 at 9:15am

    As opposed to the 3 us other humans have...

  • Submitted by cocksuck on Jun 24, 10 at 2:27pm

    Dude, when I used to pick my nose when I was little I had the same problem!

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    Submitted by cpb168 on Jul 25, 10 at 4:10pm

    I always end up thinking I only have one

  • Submitted by Soviet_Russia on Jun 24, 10 at 5:43pm

    "That high."

  • Submitted by BertBadrinath on Jun 24, 10 at 9:31am

    What would they do with a third nostril? Probably stick a candy can up there and call it nose candy. lol.

  • Submitted by motoxdad on Jun 24, 10 at 10:15am

    Start shootin it!!!!... U dumb ass...