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  • Submitted by pichu180 on Jun 2, 10 at 3:20pm

    Better then finding out is was IN him..

  • Submitted by jewish96 on Jun 2, 10 at 3:10pm

    Don't have a threesome with another guy next time

  • Submitted by uhateme on Jun 2, 10 at 5:35pm

    Dude that wasn't a threesome it was a sword fight!

  • Submitted by FistedSister on Jun 2, 10 at 7:43pm

    This is what happens when you violate the One-Penis-Per-Fantasy rule.

  • Submitted by JackBerton on Jun 2, 10 at 4:56pm

    You're doing it wrong...

  • Submitted by damn_gurl on Jun 2, 10 at 3:06pm


  • Submitted by jayblitz on Jun 2, 10 at 4:54pm

    From what I hear dudes give good handjobs. Should've just gone with it.

  • Submitted by destructo on Jun 3, 10 at 2:08am

    Wow. did you make eye contact? If you did that might mean you two are now dating.

  • Submitted by Slackitude on Jun 2, 10 at 4:42pm

    A 2-guy-1-girl threesome is called "The Devil's Threesome" for a reason.

  • Submitted by theasian on Jun 2, 10 at 3:45pm

    I have no response to that, just a look of horror

  • Submitted by TommyP on Jun 2, 10 at 5:34pm

    Yeah dude give good handjobs. And even better blowjobs. A threesome is a threesome

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Jun 2, 10 at 3:37pm

    This is why you should never have a threesome with more than one straight person.

  • Submitted by Fear_Cartaidh on Jun 2, 10 at 9:22pm

    Should have run with it. Could have changed your world.

  • Submitted by tupac3 on Jun 2, 10 at 3:13pm

    Next time 2 girls

  • Submitted by CrayRussian on Jun 2, 10 at 4:34pm

    2 chicks share you, not 2 dudes sharing.\n\nYour doing it wrong.

  • Submitted by maynard on Jun 3, 10 at 7:09am

    You went into a threeway with a guy and a girl, the point is to enjoy what everyone has to offer. If you didn't want him touching you, you shouldn't have done it in the first place. Quite frankly you look like the douche here.

  • Submitted by STS130 on Jun 2, 10 at 11:51pm

    I'm pretty sure that violates clause 3, article 34, of the bro code which concerns devil's 3 ways.

  • Submitted by abcdefgHI on Jun 3, 10 at 1:06am

    Tigerpaw: your bf won't bang you hard but he's into 3 somes? Bizarre.

  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Jun 2, 10 at 9:32pm

    devils threesome

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jun 3, 10 at 3:40am

    You should've established ground rules beforehand. Like, whether the two dudes are going to touch each other, for starters.

  • Submitted by Indestructible on Jun 3, 10 at 6:32am

    Whatever you were trying to do, I think you were doing it wrong...

  • Submitted by TheNewGuy03 on Jun 5, 10 at 2:47pm

    it could have been...his own? anyway...reminds me of an episode of californication.

  • Submitted by abcdefgHI on Jun 3, 10 at 1:05am


  • Submitted by dooley on Jun 3, 10 at 1:33am

    The sad thing is the chick must have been very manly considering he couldn't tell it was his hand as opposed to hers....that or the guy was very feminine...which I refuse to acknowledge is possible.

  • Submitted by gman1467 on Jun 3, 10 at 1:08pm

    Wait till you find out it is not her tounge licking your ass.

  • Submitted by pgforest on Jun 2, 10 at 3:56pm

    Could've been his gob.

  • Submitted by abcdefgHI on Jun 3, 10 at 1:04am

    At least he didn't try and put his Wang in your ass. Or maybe your into those kinds of things... ?

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    Submitted by niceman on Mar 24, 12 at 10:35pm

    Next time, establish clear rules from the outset.

  • Submitted by footballplayer on Jun 3, 10 at 12:16am

    I dont think thats how its supposed to work

  • Submitted by alexxander on Jun 2, 10 at 11:40pm

    threesomes are supposed to be 2 girls 1 guy NOT 2 guys 1 girl... damn fool lol

  • Submitted by carfo on Jun 2, 10 at 8:01pm

    Lol whores are funny

  • Submitted by enitenite on Jun 3, 10 at 10:07am

    @ FistedSister - please explain why you chose this as your name? Are you a male ar female?

  • Submitted by tigerpaw on Jun 2, 10 at 3:15pm

    Maybe you should pick the people you have threesome with more carefully. I had one last night and it went fine.

  • Submitted by sorryboutcha11 on Jun 2, 10 at 3:07pm

    was it his??? damn..

  • Submitted by doomsday on Jun 2, 10 at 11:52pm

    I just threw up a little.