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  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 9, 10 at 9:23am

    Here is some advice: don't go chasing waterfalls just stick to the rivers and the lakes like you're used to. I know that your going to have it your way or nothing at all. It's just that you're moving too fast.

  • Submitted by cobras on May 9, 10 at 6:53am

    Lame, your not worth it for any man if you don't have enough confidence in yourself to be seen without makeup.

  • Submitted by purplebeans on May 9, 10 at 7:45am

    everyone is beautiful in their own way. makeup or not. have some confidence girl;

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    Submitted by thetrails on May 9, 10 at 11:15am

    Your lack of confidence may make him delete your number, but I think he has a pretty good idea of what your face looks like. You'll look way hotter if you rock that confidence.

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    Submitted by Aperdedor on May 9, 10 at 7:46am

    This should be on FML not TFLN

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    Submitted by 51sports on May 9, 10 at 8:36am

    Wow op, please gather some confidence in yourself....that shit is ridiculous. And don't turn into a girl that sleeps with everyone because you want some sort of approval.

  • Submitted by chiapetlex on May 9, 10 at 1:30pm

    eh at least you're honest. no one with a serious acne problem feels great without makeup, that could be what it is...

  • Submitted by preemo on May 9, 10 at 6:38am

    Erykah, get over yourself.

    • Submitted by jenmaree on May 9, 10 at 6:47am

      And learn how to spell Erica.

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        Submitted by MissAwesome on May 9, 10 at 2:27pm

        He wasn't saying Erica... Erykah is way different

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    Submitted by dramadork on May 9, 10 at 12:05pm

    Ahhh I see the media brainwashing has worked. You do NOT need make-up to be pretty. The media lies, the media lies....

  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on May 9, 10 at 1:57pm

    i hate that. how most girls just make themselves into someone different with make up. its more disgusting what girls do to their faces than someone with bad acne or something.

  • Submitted by Corekth on May 9, 10 at 10:13pm

    I never notice If a girl has makeup on or not, only if they have too much on.

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    Submitted by 4chadillac2 on May 10, 10 at 5:46pm

    your probably ugly as shit then

  • Submitted by drunkindancer on May 9, 10 at 11:40am

    I don't wear any make up and never have

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 9, 10 at 11:17am

    9:23 tlc mother fucker

  • Submitted by Erykah on May 9, 10 at 6:25am

    Poor girl! I can't imagine how awful it would be to feel that way about yourself. Most of my boyfriends don't see me in anything more than cover up

    • Submitted by Jill624 on May 9, 10 at 11:16am

      cover up is make up............

  • Submitted by Duvall on May 10, 10 at 5:35pm

    Lmao \nDamn.

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    Submitted by Herschel on May 11, 10 at 2:39am

    I've never seen a girl who actually looks better with more makeup. They tend to just look like they have more makeup on.