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  • And this sounds like an epic party!

    Submitted by thicks_2007 on May 1, 10 at 3:18pm
  • EMT guys are usually quite hot. I'm jealous.

    Submitted by awkward on May 1, 10 at 5:28pm
  • We can legally cut your clothes off :)

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 10 at 9:10pm
  • It's always better to call the EMTs that's actually know what's goin on. Rather then the paramedics that are "in charge".

    Submitted by FIREMAN13 on May 2, 10 at 2:29pm
  • @Tater - way too true. I broke my arm on our bike team.\n\nAnd yeah - EMT's are good - medics are better.

    Submitted by jonemtp on May 2, 10 at 7:28pm
  • EMT : Emergency Medical Technician. \nAlso probably a good idea that they get an invite.

    Submitted by akuma12 on May 1, 10 at 6:21pm
  • my cousin was probly at that party...

    Submitted by NationOfThizzlam on May 3, 10 at 8:05pm
  • Fuck emts better call the icu team it's gunna b a train wreck!

    Submitted by uhateme on May 1, 10 at 4:31pm
  • Lol second comment fail

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 10 at 3:26pm
  • EMT means Emergency Medical Technican. They can administer first aid and CPR. A Paramedic can do much more! Start IV's, administer life saving drugs, intubation(tube down ur throat to breath for you, defibrillation, etc. Better invite a few medics!!!

    Submitted by bcmedic on May 1, 10 at 10:56pm
  • That way it pays to have medics as friends. It's sways good to have us around!!

    Submitted by lefty27 on May 2, 10 at 11:09am
  • Anyone care to explain what EMT means? Also...kegs trampolines...awesome idea ;D

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 10 at 6:20pm
  • Ya know, sometimes us medics end up injured also. We definitely don't use our experiences as warnings, more like ideas!

    Submitted by tater_921 on May 2, 10 at 3:32pm
  • Hey bcmedic, don't forget EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. Which is both EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic. But your probably one of those shitty medics that doesn't care about "BLS before ALS," and probably spend 10 minutes trying to get a tube on a full arrest when a BLS airway is just fine. Suck it! (I honestly don't know why I'm so hostile right now. Your probably not even a medic, sorry.)

    Submitted by shooter308 on May 2, 10 at 10:39pm
  • Call a paramedic instead :-)

    Submitted by spicyweiner on May 1, 10 at 7:06pm
  • The trampolines will be covered with puke.

    Submitted by cityboy99 on May 2, 10 at 12:19am
  • very good idea however EMT's have a very dark sense of humor...not much fun at a party but when theres alcohol and trampolines youd better bring a few

    Submitted by sequioa on May 2, 10 at 1:17am
  • This was my house! Epic night.

    Submitted by magitron on Feb 9, 11 at 2:59pm
  • First.

    Submitted by thicks_2007 on May 1, 10 at 3:17pm
  • EMTs what whaaaaat!!!

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 10 at 9:09pm
  • Omg let me take a moment to say...first!

    Submitted by kneegrodomis on May 1, 10 at 3:17pm