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  • Submitted by Croooooooooow on Apr 26, 10 at 2:26pm

    The first rule of fucking is: you do not talk about fucking . The second rule of fucking is: you DO NOT talk about fucking. Third rule of fucking: someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fuck is over. Fourth rule: only two people to a fuck. Fifth rule: one fuck at a time, people. Sixth rule: no shirts, no shoes. Seventh rule: fucks will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first night meeting this chick from the 450, you have to fuck.

    • Submitted by anonimouse on Apr 26, 10 at 5:55pm

      You, sir, are my hero. I bow before your greatness. lol

  • Submitted by foxybrunette1798 on Apr 26, 10 at 3:01pm

    Holy crap crow... That works out shockingly well. Hahahahaha best comment of the day so far

  • Submitted by sequioa on Apr 26, 10 at 2:45pm

    If you have to ask you don't have a rule

  • Submitted by TowerCrane on Apr 26, 10 at 2:02pm

    noooo not from my area code. :(

  • Submitted by AcesFull07 on Apr 26, 10 at 6:10pm

    Crow, this is the second time I've seen an epic post from you.

  • Submitted by smpl2plz on Apr 26, 10 at 11:51pm

    Probably not...

  • Submitted by beebee094 on Nov 19, 10 at 6:25pm

    there are no rules. ive been having sex for almost two years now, and just went on my first date like two weeks ago. haha

  • Submitted by AMoralSuicide on Apr 27, 10 at 11:38am

    One, crows post is the all time greatest. 2. There should be a spam button for these fucking that's what she said douche bags

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 4:07am

    11.41: crows post is all original. He meditates in a cave and thinks up epic posts. He's never even SEEN a movie before. Maybe he'll see one about his greatness I'm not sure

    • Submitted by Croooooooooow on Apr 28, 10 at 1:42am

      Oh, but there HAS already been a movie made detailing my greatness. I'm sure you've heard of a little movie called 'From Justin to Kelly'?

  • Submitted by darknight4682 on Apr 26, 10 at 1:35pm


  • Submitted by dcborn1587 on Apr 26, 10 at 1:33pm


  • Submitted by dudeonfire on Apr 26, 10 at 11:41pm

    Crow stole that from the movie fight club