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  • The first rule of fucking is: you do not talk about fucking . The second rule of fucking is: you DO NOT talk about fucking. Third rule of fucking: someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fuck is over. Fourth rule: only two people to a fuck. Fifth rule: one fuck at a time, people. Sixth rule: no shirts, no shoes. Seventh rule: fucks will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first night meeting this chick from the 450, you have to fuck.

    Submitted by Croooooooooow on Apr 26, 10 at 2:26pm
  • Holy crap crow... That works out shockingly well. Hahahahaha best comment of the day so far

    Submitted by foxybrunette1798 on Apr 26, 10 at 3:01pm
  • If you have to ask you don't have a rule

    Submitted by sequioa on Apr 26, 10 at 2:45pm
  • noooo not from my area code. :(

    Submitted by TowerCrane on Apr 26, 10 at 2:02pm
  • Crow, this is the second time I've seen an epic post from you.

    Submitted by AcesFull07 on Apr 26, 10 at 6:10pm
  • 11.41: crows post is all original. He meditates in a cave and thinks up epic posts. He's never even SEEN a movie before. Maybe he'll see one about his greatness I'm not sure

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 4:07am
    • Oh, but there HAS already been a movie made detailing my greatness. I'm sure you've heard of a little movie called 'From Justin to Kelly'?

      Submitted by Croooooooooow on Apr 28, 10 at 1:42am
  • Probably not...

    Submitted by smpl2plz on Apr 26, 10 at 11:51pm
  • there are no rules. ive been having sex for almost two years now, and just went on my first date like two weeks ago. haha

    Submitted by beebee094 on Nov 19, 10 at 6:25pm
  • One, crows post is the all time greatest. 2. There should be a spam button for these fucking that's what she said douche bags

    Submitted by AMoralSuicide on Apr 27, 10 at 11:38am
  • Dumbass

    Submitted by darknight4682 on Apr 26, 10 at 1:35pm
  • first

    Submitted by dcborn1587 on Apr 26, 10 at 1:33pm
  • Crow stole that from the movie fight club

    Submitted by dudeonfire on Apr 26, 10 at 11:41pm