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  • Sounds like they've moved from her hand to her purse. But I'm sure if you ask nice she'll let you borrow them once in a while.

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jul 2, 13 at 4:29pm
  • Pray to God that she does not have a nightmare...

    Submitted by crockpot on Jul 2, 13 at 5:01pm
  • You should probably run, but I'd suggest waiting until morning. You don't want to leave those there

    Submitted by yourallstupid on Jul 2, 13 at 4:25pm
  • If a dude held onto my clit all night while he was sleeping, I'd call that a red flag................

    Submitted by MegzEve007 on Jul 3, 13 at 1:50am
  • Get her to sleep stroke it.

    Submitted by rikie83 on Jul 2, 13 at 5:58pm
  • She prolly misses hers...

    Submitted by midspot on Jul 2, 13 at 6:44pm
  • She sleeps with her hand around your balls? That is a little odd, sir. I would highly recommend that you leave before she wraps her claws around the whole package and you find yourself fucked.

    Submitted by spookydoll on Jul 3, 13 at 1:13am
  • Run bro

    Submitted by johnnyjunker on Jul 3, 13 at 12:42am
  • She's a smart one. Lol.

    Submitted by Meli8312 on Jul 2, 13 at 11:50pm
  • Get a shop-vac star21

    Submitted by W_T_F on Jul 3, 13 at 8:53am
  • That's a stage 11 clingon.

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Jul 3, 13 at 1:00pm
  • I want someone to suck on my pussy so badddd

    Submitted by star21 on Jul 3, 13 at 12:05am