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  • Submitted by RiotOfTheWolves on Jun 1, 13 at 1:05am

    Fuckin' haters.

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on May 31, 13 at 5:35pm

    Keep eating cake and you'll continue to get better and better at being single

  • Submitted by Phys on May 31, 13 at 6:29pm

    No you're just great at explaining why you're single!

  • Submitted by boston123 on Jun 2, 13 at 8:59am

    Hey other commenters, fat-shaming much? Personally, "eating cake naked in bed" sounds great -- the only thing more fun is if it were a two-person activity. Rock on, OP. Live your life.

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jun 1, 13 at 1:58am

    All those cats surrounding your house. Let them in.

  • Submitted by Eightyeight on May 31, 13 at 4:40pm

    Eighty Eight

  • Submitted by ck24 on May 31, 13 at 11:04pm

    No one wants to date a fatty... Unless of course you are a fatty

  • Submitted by bigchino5786 on Jun 2, 13 at 12:33am

    I'd bang you

  • Submitted by ledonna on May 31, 13 at 7:33pm

    and you will be great at being overweight

  • Submitted by DirtyNorwegian on May 31, 13 at 10:01pm

    sorry, bro....number of times he's eaten cake out of his uncle's ass, while naked and in bed.