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  • Submitted by Naysayer123 on Mar 11, 13 at 7:03pm

    Oh fun, a post that infers homosexuality. Can't wait for all the assholes to pop up degrading us.

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      Submitted by tpotz on Mar 11, 13 at 9:28pm

      ahh dont be a f@g about it... its all in good fun...

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        Submitted by ck24 on Mar 11, 13 at 9:49pm

        Don't g@y it up with your assumptions. That was a hilarious post...

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    Submitted by daisydukeluke on Mar 13, 13 at 5:51pm

    I don't care about your sexuality. You're still a person and that's how I will treat you.

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    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Mar 12, 13 at 7:25pm

    A hilarious post yes, but you tell me how much it's in "good fun" when you have people not only verbally abuse you, but actually beat you within inches of your life. Sure, I managed to over come it, but there are many who don't. So excuuuuuuse me if it is a touchy subject.

  • Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Mar 11, 13 at 4:18pm

    HAHAHA! Sucks to be you! I bet that dad was like "fuck, my sons a cock gobbler"

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    Submitted by dallasp on Mar 12, 13 at 11:39pm

    Tpotz - bet you are alone in your bed, no one to curl up with. Nothing but you and Cheetos crumbs

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    Submitted by etnies445 on Mar 18, 13 at 1:16am

    The amount of homophobic people commenting on here is stupid. If you have problem with people who like the same sex okay. Doesn't mean you need to harass them

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    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Apr 20, 13 at 10:26pm

    You know how I know you're g@y? Cause you take every opportunity to you can to desperately prove you hate g@y people.

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    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Mar 12, 13 at 7:28pm

    Yes W_T_F, when people are constantly harassing us, telling us we are subhuman, that is completely our fault. There is no way that when we don't like people like that, it is a defensive mechanism.

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Mar 11, 13 at 4:35pm

    Daddy must be so proud of his little girl.

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Mar 12, 13 at 8:15am

    Naysayer- assholes don't degrade faggs. Faggs degrade assholes.

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      Submitted by tpotz on Mar 12, 13 at 5:16pm

      thats for damn sure....get back in the closet cupcake!!