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    Submitted by ShadowRider on Mar 1, 13 at 12:04pm

    Let's hope you wrote that text while sitting on the crapper.

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    Submitted by crockpot on Mar 1, 13 at 9:54am

    Sucks man, but that's what comes of eating bad Mexican when drunk

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Mar 1, 13 at 9:58pm

    Honestly, who hasn't been there... God knows I have on more than a few occasions.. And you took a big risk breaking concentration to write that text. You're a brave sole my friend. And I hope everything worked out for you as well. If it didnt, I'm glad I wasn't there

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    Submitted by togatoga on Mar 5, 13 at 11:26am

    If he was sober he probably woulda picked a better Mexican to eat!

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    Submitted by skeezer on Mar 2, 13 at 9:10am

    ...and, yet, here you are taking the time to text someone about it instead of finding a

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    Submitted by FStar73 on Mar 1, 13 at 9:15pm

    Whatever you do, don't cough.