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  • The only worst Facebook post I ever read was "You turned me down in high school. You daughter is now laying next to me after spending the night. We are now taking about your old boyfriends."

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 23, 13 at 5:05pm
  • I don't think he's talking trash on Facebook. He's being accused of cheating. "Am I sleeping w/ your wife? No, I just added her on FB."

    Submitted by security24 on Feb 24, 13 at 12:39am
  • experimental, eh? wonder what kind of stuff she did back then, that her husband nowadays wouldn't even dare to imagine...

    Submitted by polacke on Feb 23, 13 at 5:13pm
  • ...and I will kill you."

    Submitted by finalflash08 on Feb 23, 13 at 4:52pm
  • Don't f* up the spank bank. It's like watching a inferior remake of a classic original. You can never un-see it and you'll regret it.

    Submitted by UniqueNordic on Feb 24, 13 at 10:08am
  • What 38 year old is talking trash via FB? Dang. But burn indeed

    Submitted by Vardar on Feb 23, 13 at 7:37pm
    • There is an entire collection of high school classmates meeting on Facebook and bitching about high school politics going decades back.

      Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 23, 13 at 9:10pm
      • Yet another reason for me not to be on FB. High school sucked, last thing I want to do is hang out with people for whom it never ended.

        Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Feb 23, 13 at 10:53pm
        • I'm still on FB but when the old classmates that got in touch started their carp, I defriended almost all of them.

          Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 23, 13 at 11:47pm
  • Epic.

    Submitted by Sancho69 on Feb 23, 13 at 5:39pm
  • Burn!

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Feb 23, 13 at 4:21pm
  • Sounds more like 'douche bag logic'.

    Submitted by felidae on Feb 25, 13 at 11:31am
  • It would be like throwing away your original copy of Red Dawn and replacing it with the new one.

    Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Feb 27, 13 at 9:55pm
  • Went hardbody on that!

    Submitted by N3wJay on Jul 15, 13 at 5:01am
  • Brilliant!

    Submitted by CapnArt on Feb 25, 13 at 2:21am