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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Jan 23, 13 at 12:59am

    So my understanding is that girl A is a gyno and is dating Girl B. Girl B asked her gf, Girl A, to check under her hood bc she had a problem. Girl B had the herpes and didnt get it from Girl A. Girl A then dumped Girl B for being a dirty cheating Lezbo. Did I miss anything?

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    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Jan 22, 13 at 2:47pm

    A girlfriend who's an ob/gyn? Sounds like a sitcom for some reason.

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      Submitted by porksword on Jan 22, 13 at 2:55pm

      Name it "How's your hole, family."

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    Submitted by TerryHesticles on Jan 22, 13 at 12:24pm

    The waffle strikes again

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    Submitted by DoMeProud318 on Jan 23, 13 at 1:29am

    @DonkeyLipps wins this round.

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    Submitted by HarleyChic on Jan 23, 13 at 1:54am

    Lmao donkey

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jan 22, 13 at 2:55pm

    @Massive_Attack Sounds massively unprofessional. Dating your patient? Talk about lack of impartiality and compromised judgment.

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      Submitted by ck24 on Jan 22, 13 at 3:42pm

      Yea ok gramps, calm down..

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      Submitted by DemonicDuck on Jan 22, 13 at 4:38pm

      perhaps they started dating and then started going to her as a doctor.