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    Submitted by Phys on Sep 21, 12 at 4:09pm

    So you have a lot of energy to burn and can't get pregnant, what's your number again?

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Sep 21, 12 at 5:03pm

    Period drugs? Like midol? Or is there some cool shit out there I don't know about?

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    Submitted by ck24 on Sep 21, 12 at 4:01pm

    So that is what the pill does.... Girls are getting high AND not getting knocked up... Sounds like a win for everyone

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      Submitted by queenv on Sep 22, 12 at 12:09am

      I'm assuming she meant like Midol.

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    Submitted by grandmasboy on Sep 21, 12 at 9:17pm

    My period drugs are marijuana

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      Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 22, 12 at 10:27am

      Funny comment coming from someone named grandmas*boy*. Although wouldn't it be neat if you could get a medical marijuana prescription for dysmenorrhea?

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    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Sep 22, 12 at 12:45pm

    grandmas boy is a movie herp derp

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    Submitted by daisydukeluke on Sep 22, 12 at 1:15pm

    Period drugs such as midol or pamprin contain small amounts of caffeine to speed up the effects of the pain killers. They also sometimes contain a small dose of antihistamine.

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    Submitted by ashannen25 on Sep 22, 12 at 10:33am

    You should take an antihistamine too. Then things will really get crazy.

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    Submitted by cluelesspy on Sep 21, 12 at 3:46pm

    Period drugs? Do tell! I can only get the hard stuff on the street...

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 22, 12 at 12:16am

    Just die and help out the human race.