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  • As someone who's fallen in love with hookups more than once, I feel bad for your hookup. :-( Please be nice to him.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 8, 12 at 1:56pm
    • This tfln and your response both make me want to cry, sorry y'all have had to go thru that...I imagine it hurts almost if not as much as an actual break up :'-(....wishing you better days ahead...

      Submitted by PeeNaught on Sep 8, 12 at 3:11pm
      • Your maudlin sensitivity has ruined any enjoyment I may have gleaned from this site/app...NOW how am I gonna pass the night while I'm at work?

        Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Sep 9, 12 at 3:09am
  • And you'll wonder how you ended up alone in a house full of cats.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 8, 12 at 6:14pm
  • You're not breaking his heart, darlin. You're setting him free to find someone better.

    Submitted by armchairguru on Sep 9, 12 at 2:13am
  • Story of my life

    Submitted by Babygirlxoxo on Sep 8, 12 at 1:52pm
  • It's not even a big deal idk why you guys hate on people who do this.... It's like nipping it in the bud before it gets to the point of full on breakup. If one has feelings and the other never will you're doing them a favor.

    Submitted by karazyboys on Sep 8, 12 at 11:39pm
  • Hookup should know his place, IMO. Coming from a guy.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Sep 9, 12 at 12:36am
  • Boooooo

    Submitted by pnr on Sep 8, 12 at 2:00pm
  • Then it's time for people to break your face :)

    Submitted by Nero905 on Sep 8, 12 at 7:20pm