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  • Submitted by mthib on Jan 31, 12 at 11:12am

    As long as the kid that sleeps in the racecar bed wasn't the one giving you the blow job.....

  • Submitted by starlitfires on Jan 31, 12 at 10:51am

    If your night ended in a bj, I still say it's a good night, regardless of circumstances.

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    Submitted by jonathan171 on Jan 31, 12 at 11:51pm

    "Dude, your bed is a car." "Yeah, but it's a fucking sweet car."

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    Submitted by ahyeah on Jan 31, 12 at 5:43pm

    Fun fact: racecar spelled backwards is racecar.

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    Submitted by Ritard on Jan 31, 12 at 11:09am

    Nobody do a Sandusky joke. They are lame, unoriginal, and just a lazy attempt at humor.

    • Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Jan 31, 12 at 12:32pm

      I whole heartedly agree. Nothing worse than single word Sandusky and Tebow comments. If you feel strongly enough to post a comment, then do try come up with something witty and original.

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        Submitted by porksword on Jan 31, 12 at 2:50pm

        How dare you guys impinge on my right to stupidity, laziness, and plagiarism! Those are American entitlements for christs sake! That being said, I'll bet Danica Patrick sucks a mean dick!

        • Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Jan 31, 12 at 3:07pm

          And that is one race car bed I would PAY to be in.

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    Submitted by CrooklynCrook on Jan 31, 12 at 11:10pm

    pity win!

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    Submitted by bttrdenu on Jan 31, 12 at 6:01pm

    Screw ritard and anyone else, if you want to do a Sandusky joke do it, those cocktards can go fuck themselves with Bedazzled dildos, this is TFLN, over done jokes and Memes is what we do!

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    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Jan 31, 12 at 11:11am

    Vroom vroom!

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    Submitted by SauceQueen on Feb 3, 12 at 4:15am

    I hope it was a really fuckin' sweet race car bed, like Token's!

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    Submitted by woopigsooie on Jan 31, 12 at 11:43am

    MICHAEL IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Submitted by cpt_obvious on Feb 1, 12 at 1:26am

    Did it have rims?

    • 59 72
      Submitted by Malicius on Feb 1, 12 at 8:05am

      Did those rims spin?

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    Submitted by dchaos on Feb 1, 12 at 5:27pm

    Does ur car bed have a radio so it can talk to other car beds

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    Submitted by ComboBreaker28 on Jan 31, 12 at 7:34pm

    Sounds like the bike shop episode of diff'rnt strokes

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      Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 31, 12 at 10:16pm

      scream real loud in my ass

  • Submitted by erricolsen0106 on Jan 31, 12 at 11:03am

    OP is a girl

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    Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Feb 1, 12 at 3:23am

    JERRY SANDUSKY????? woahhhjh

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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jan 31, 12 at 11:07am

    Jerry sandus.... You know what, I'm going to leave this one alone. Too easy.

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    Submitted by TheFeeVerte on Jan 31, 12 at 11:26am

    At least it wasn't next to a dumpster, there are worse places than racecar beds. Never forget that...NEVER!

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    Submitted by DOGFARTS on Jan 31, 12 at 6:56pm

    Pork i have to repesctfully diagree, i'd be willing to bet that Danica Patrick is a biter.

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    Submitted by tatteredtorn on Feb 2, 12 at 12:19am

    Did your mom catch your friend jerking off to Laura croft in the bathroom?

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    Submitted by 08GSXR600 on Jan 31, 12 at 10:48am

    doesn't everyones?