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  • Only in a Texas Roadhouse would you see someone white trash enough to whip their boob out while other ppl are trying to eat dinner...

    Submitted by lauralouwho on Dec 8, 11 at 3:30pm
    • How dare she feed her child while other people are trying to eat. Oh wait...

      Submitted by gunsnammo on Dec 8, 11 at 5:11pm
  • Yeah i had trouble whistling with the titty in my mouth though.

    Submitted by letitbehomie on Dec 8, 11 at 1:35pm
  • yea because all the mothers are concerned about everyones feelings towards when and where there babies eat instead of feeding baby when baby is hungry...i will be breastfeeding wherever and whenever my baby is hungry..they make cover ups just for this reason.

    Submitted by brittyandian on Dec 8, 11 at 5:41pm
  • baby has to eat dont take your food into the bathroom neither should the baby...breastfeed wherever you want, but maybe use a nursing cover?!

    Submitted by brittyandian on Dec 8, 11 at 4:45pm
  • breastfeed wherever you need to, if you're a mature adult then you can handle seeing it, obviously most of you have maturity of a 10 year old boy

    Submitted by gunslinger251 on Dec 8, 11 at 9:12pm
  • Any reason you can't express your milk ahead of time and bottle it? My sister did and never once whipped out a tit in public.\n\nYou sanctimonious bitches do this on purpose to cause a sensation. Y'all are too retarded to be allowed to reproduce.

    Submitted by windrider1202 on Dec 8, 11 at 10:58pm
  • I was thinking the same thing!! people need to be more mature about breast feeding. if it was full boon exposed ok,I could understand,but they have cover ups and breast feeding bras where you can barely see a thing or nothing at all

    Submitted by shellsbells on Dec 8, 11 at 7:24pm
  • As a Registered Nurse, I find it simultaneously sad and amusing that people as so freaking ignorant about breastfeeding. I could literally give you 100 reasons why "breast is best" for the baby. One reason that cannot be disputed by anyone that can read or think is: brain development. Pretty well every study ever done on the subject came up with the same results: breast milk improves brain and cognitive development

    Submitted by x2006nlp on Dec 9, 11 at 2:45pm
  • did he get roundhouse kicked out?....roadhouse..

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 8, 11 at 1:16pm
  • depends on how big your tits are

    Submitted by tribladetheory on Dec 8, 11 at 1:38pm
  • Wow really some of these comments must be from jackasses who don't know what that restaurant is. Breastfeed your baby wherever and when you please girl! It's the law in KY that you can do it anywhere you child is aloud!

    Submitted by Skeeler on Dec 8, 11 at 11:44pm

    Submitted by porksword on Dec 8, 11 at 1:16pm
  • Texas Roadhouse is a diner with a bunch of rednecks. So neither the breast feeding nor the whistling would surprise me. But to some lame suggestions made: if you think your baby is only going to be hungry when you plan just because you feed it on a schedule, you're a fucking idiot. Also: breast milk, it spoils, especially if it's hot at all. So prebottled milk isn't always an option.

    Submitted by uchicago on Dec 9, 11 at 5:34am
  • I dunno but does anyone else think a roadhouse is maybe not the best place to bring a baby let alone boobfeed it?..just saying

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 8, 11 at 9:34pm
  • Road road road roadhouse... That's four roundhouses to your face..your welcome

    Submitted by analog3000 on Dec 8, 11 at 1:18pm
  • Keep it classy, KY.

    Submitted by laycee on Dec 8, 11 at 7:20pm
  • well you were double fisting vodka while grinding on one guy while making out with another, what did you expect? want to see the pictures?

    Submitted by theoldguy on Dec 8, 11 at 1:46pm
  • Fucking inconsiderate nasty white trash shit.\n\nThats all this is.

    Submitted by notblake on Dec 9, 11 at 10:08am
  • People are retarded.\n@ skeeler: Aloud? Like you're thinking aloud?

    Submitted by EversickChick on Dec 9, 11 at 10:55am
  • My 6 yr old nephew doesnt need to know why "the lady has her bby sucking on her boobie" and all the guys still in school would be disgusted yea the people on here have the maturity of a 10 year old… but so did a lot of the ppl there I guarantee it!

    Submitted by EHSBaby on Dec 9, 11 at 12:43am
  • Ok no. Stop breast feeding wherever the fuck you want. It's unpleasant to those of us smart and responsible enough to not reproduce.

    Submitted by Americanism on Dec 8, 11 at 5:19pm
  • Grow up! I'm sorry your mothers couldn't pull her self away from the drugs and the alcohol long enough to nurse you! It's beautiful and natural and what's best for the baby! I would love someone to say something to me while I was feeding my child. I would whoop their ass!

    Submitted by assmunchers00 on Dec 9, 11 at 12:58am
    • I love when women think they can whip a man's ass. only because we can't hit you back. If you swing first should be open game where we can put you in your place and send you back to the kitchen where u belong and the only decision u get to make is "do I want to do laundry before or after I make lunch for my husband.

      Submitted by cardtitan on Dec 9, 11 at 6:11pm
      • Let us know when you get married. We'll all want to send that poor woman our condolences.

        Submitted by raylealadee on Dec 10, 11 at 9:20pm
  • It's natural, it shouldn't be such a big deal. Breast feeding was a necessity for survival before formula was available. So to anyone who has a problem with a mother feeding her child, you might want to remember you wouldn't be alive without it.

    Submitted by curlycue8 on Jun 19, 14 at 10:52pm
  • Fuck you cardtitan! We'll see how far you get in life with that outdated mindset of yours you arrogant swine.

    Submitted by babygurllucy on Dec 11, 11 at 10:31pm
  • Lauralouwho for the win

    Submitted by pnr on Dec 8, 11 at 4:31pm
  • Breast feeding in public is disgusting. As for people talking about eating in bathrooms, these mothers can plan feedings like responsible respectful people do.

    Submitted by karma13 on Dec 8, 11 at 5:37pm