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  • Submitted by showMEdemTITTAYS on Nov 2, 11 at 2:22pm

    That's what Halloween is all about

  • Submitted by acarter512 on Nov 2, 11 at 4:50pm

    Now that's a good Halloween....

  • Submitted by bigceaze on Nov 2, 11 at 6:36pm

    are you sure you weren't figuratively an idiot? no wait, that's the literally part.

  • Submitted by Doublehitter on Nov 3, 11 at 1:15pm

    that was you?

  • Submitted by bigdickplaya on Nov 2, 11 at 8:46pm

    And I'm getting less and less of a boner.

  • Submitted by nolan5683 on Nov 2, 11 at 2:40pm

    or more and more. depending on how you look at it.

  • Submitted by skatedonthate on Nov 3, 11 at 12:38am

    if you look at them backwards, you wear more and more each time :D

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    Submitted by cblomberg88 on Oct 16, 12 at 2:36pm

    Always classy