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  • Badness92: do you not realize just about every fucking decent size college has a bell tower?!? Did you really think Prude-due was the only school to have one??

    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Nov 1, 11 at 1:51pm
  • Quasimodo needs lovin too.

    Submitted by porksword on Nov 1, 11 at 1:51pm
  • Ring her bell and then announce your triumph once finished

    Submitted by Phys on Nov 1, 11 at 3:24pm
  • What are you waiting for? Get up there and make sweet music!

    Submitted by Phantasmagoric on Nov 1, 11 at 1:37pm
  • With the "405" number, this person is obviously either talking about the University of Central Oklahoma or Oklahoma Christian University.

    Submitted by ftbllplaya79 on Nov 2, 11 at 10:54am
  • Purdue has a clock tower get it right

    Submitted by crakkhead07 on Nov 1, 11 at 6:04pm
  • lol no, no its not

    Submitted by Wolf32889 on Nov 2, 11 at 10:18pm
  • Hey idiots trying to determine this based on area code... A good majority of people who go to a college are not even from the same side of the country as their school. But nice try sherlocks

    Submitted by ohwitsmamie on Nov 5, 11 at 1:59am
  • All schools should have bell towers. . .

    Submitted by genome254 on Nov 2, 11 at 3:06am
  • alrighty then Esmeralda.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Nov 2, 11 at 3:37pm
  • sounds like this person goes to Purdue

    Submitted by badness92 on Nov 1, 11 at 1:35pm
  • Cornell

    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 1, 11 at 2:23pm