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  • Submitted by kaylalala8894 on Oct 2, 11 at 4:22pm

    Who leaves leftover lines?

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Oct 2, 11 at 6:39pm

    World's most expensive ant traps.

  • Submitted by 909Berdoo on Oct 2, 11 at 7:02pm

    Leftover blow? That is drug abuse!!

  • Submitted by hookersanndblow on Oct 2, 11 at 6:59pm

    I would never leave a line bro, grow some big boy nostrils

  • Submitted by JJdoggie on Oct 2, 11 at 6:52pm

    No such thing as leftover lines. Fools.

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    Submitted by Dante on Oct 3, 11 at 1:19am

    This gave me an idea for an experiment: buy an ant farm, give them adderall, and watch to see what happens.

  • Submitted by frost2121 on Oct 2, 11 at 6:51pm

    Leftovers? Amateurs

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    Submitted by tphish on Oct 3, 11 at 12:53am

    Leftover lines?! Rookies.

  • Submitted by JFIEND on Oct 3, 11 at 5:59am

    what do you mean leftovers? you do that shit til its all gone and then you go get more. this is some straight up rookie shit. shame on you.

  • Submitted by snybny on Oct 2, 11 at 7:55pm

    Leftover lines??? No such thing!

  • Submitted by gangsterbarbie on Oct 2, 11 at 10:59pm

    Leftover lines?! Finish that shit or put it in a baggy!

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    Submitted by plpbaby143 on Aug 31, 12 at 6:16pm

    Those ants would have been trippin

  • Submitted by special_k24 on Oct 3, 11 at 1:02am

    If u got left overs give me a call, shit

  • Submitted by novaleigh89 on Oct 2, 11 at 6:21pm


  • Submitted by TamiTaylor on Oct 3, 11 at 7:07am

    Wtf is the obsession with whores and Houston?

  • Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on Oct 3, 11 at 2:12am

    Why are whores overpopulating Houston?

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      Submitted by myeyesarescarred on Oct 3, 11 at 12:03pm

      Don't be starting shit, we know your Mom is from Houston.